Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Blog Button!

I have a new blog button!
I am so excited, & want 
everyone to notice it.
Please feel free to 
take the code, and add it 
to your button collection.

I have had problems 
with my old button
for a very long time. 
I tried to fix it.
I tried to get help 
in fixing it.
I couldn't seem to 
get it just right.

This button was created 
by the very helpful & creative 
Cathy Kennedy, of
Cathy used a photo of my Chloe, 
and added elements from 
my blog & myself
(books & a coffee cup).

Cathy was helpful, knowledgeable, 
fast. She was supportive, 
understanding and eager 
to help me. She understood what I
wanted and its importance to me.

I highly recommend her to 
other bloggers who want 
a blog button, or are having 
trouble with their current one. 
She knows her stuff!
If you contact Cathy, 
be sure to say that you were 
sent by McGuffy's Reader!

Thank you, Cathy! 
You are wonderful!


  1. Your blog button is very attractive.

  2. What a beautiful button, Annie, it's just purrfect for you!! I am so delighted you were finally able to get this done, I know how you've been wanting it, and I just love the design... magnifico! :-) Hugs to Cathy for being so helpful and doing such a nice job of it!

  3. love it. excellent job Cathy.
    So sorry that I didn't come through for you - I feel kinda sad. I guess I was over-thinking it a bit.

    but all's well that ends well, and now you have a very lovely blog button to show the bloggy world!

  4. Rory, Please don't be sad. You are a busy mom, a wonderful blogger, friend and person. We are fine & I love you just as you are!

  5. I love your new button! It's beautiful and fits your blog wonderfully.

  6. I love it!!!

    I didn't even know blogs had buttons...I should not really be allowed to blog!

    I should have taken a course first!