Saturday, July 7, 2012

An Important Call

We were coming out of a local coffee shop, in our little hometown. It was early summer, and already hot. Right there, parked at the curb, just outside the doorway, was a new SUV. Inside the vehicle, there was a very large dog.

The dog was barking, drooling, and in obvious distress. I wrote down the make, model, colour, & location of the vehicle.  I immediately called the local Police Station.

I made the call anonymously, because it wasn't about me. It was about getting there quickly, and getting the dog out of the car as soon as possible, before 
this became critical.

We took time getting to our vehicle and preparing to leave. I watched. The Police arrived and located the dog locked in the SUV. The dog was going to be helped, and rescued from the heat. 

I have done this before, and if needed I will do it again.

If you see a situation like this, please report it immediately.

*If it is hard for you to sit in a vehicle in the heat, understand that it is for animals, as well. 
*If it is hard for you to walk on a hot pavement, it is difficult for animals. 
*If you are hot, thirsty, tired and feeling depleted from the heat, animals are feeling the heat in very much the same way.

And, Please: 
*keep pets and animals cool, shaded, and hydrated.
*Help them as you do yourself & your loved ones. 

Pets cannot do it themselves; they count on you for even their basic needs.
They ask so little and willingly give so muchPlease don't forget them; they would never forget you.



  1. I hate when people do this! Good for you, girl.

  2. Thank you for this post. I would hope that all pet owners will take good care of them.

  3. I just had this happen also I didn't want to wait for the police so i went to the store manager and reported it to them who told me they could not call police I had to & when I said ya they will probably have left by the time they come so they did an announcement over the loud speaker for that person to go an attend to their pet in the vehicle we were relieved to see the store be involved too :)) pets do not need to suffer because we want to bring them in the car!

  4. You clearly did the right thing, and probably saved a dog's life in the process. Owners who neglect their pets should be subject to the same punishment as those who neglect children. Both are fully dependent on their caretakers. This is a timely post with the temperatures climbing so high, do the furkids a favor folks, and leave them at home! I have equal anger for people who adopt pets and then neglect to feed, water, exercise,and interact with them, leaving them virtually abandoned in their own homes. If you don't want to expend the time, energy and money to care for your animal, find someone who will! Their aren't property or possessions, they are living creatures who need you! This was a great post, Annie, on a subject close to my heart as I know it is to yours. I am so glad you made that call,and I know you wouldn't hesitate to do it again!

  5. Good for you! There already has been at least one dog and one baby death in our general area (not our city) this summer--both left in closed-up cars. It boggles the mind, how humans have become the dominant species, we can be so stupid.

  6. Although it's winter here, this is such a good thing to remind people off. The heat gets so intense in the cars, it's just horrible to see those poor little beasties suffering so because of a lack of thought from from their owners.

    Judy, South Africa

  7. good for you - I want to take some of these people and lock THEM in the car and see how they like it.....glad the dog is safe and I hope the police gave the people a good lecture

  8. Thanks for reminding everyone and I love the picture. It's so true. Have a nice week!!!

  9. Thank you so much for becoming my newest blog follower! I am now your new follower and I am so happy to meet a fellow teacher and animal lover! Can't wait to read more about you and your pets!
    I am happy you didn't walk away from the dog who was locked in the car as many would because they would think it was "not their problem" but it is our problem if we ignore helping anyone in danger. Good for you for helping!

  10. It cant be said often enough. It kills me when some people act as if animals dont have the same needs and feelings or suffer the same way we do. You do good work, kiddo!