Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Juliet in August

Cover image for Juliet in August
By Dianne Warren

This is a very deeply felt novel about a place and its people. Set is a small Canadian town, the people of Juliet have issues. Private situations and their geographical location combine to isolate them.

Each character deals with their own set of circumstance, closed off from others, even as they exist within a close community. All in the same proverbial spot, they remain alone and imprisoned.

The residents of Juliet are ordinary people. There is a banker, a rancher, middle-aged people struggling with a relationship, an overwhelmed couple with several children, among others. Yet each is burdened with very real circumstances and heartbreaking situations, much like real life.

Told beautifully in captivating prose, Dianne Warren has written a memorable and meaningful first novel.


  1. I would like to read this one too!

  2. This book sounds intense, and true to life. We all have our private struggles, often not so apparent to those around us. Growing up in a small town, I think I'd find this story a very good read. Thanks for sharing it with us, Annie!

  3. seem to be dawn to these books...the deep and thought provoking ones!