Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bill's Flowers

Truth be told: 
we would have no flowers or garden 
without Bill and his hard work. 
Bill was gifted with a green thumb, 
which was nurtured by his mother 
(also gifted with a green thumb). 
Continually moving & going to eleven schools, 
I did not grow up with gardening. 
I used to help, when I was able. 
However, it is Bill who is responsible 
for any beauty here.  
With the end of this long, hot summer, 
I would like to share some of 
these beautiful flowers. 
Spring Poppies


Moss Roses

Giant Iris

Angel-Wing Begonia

Tiger Lily

Trumpet Vine

Holly Hock


Deep Purple Petunia


Exotic Asiatic Lilies

Rose of Sharon



Pink Roses 
New Rose

Tea Roses




I am very thankful for Bill, 
his efforts, and the beauty 
I am able to both enjoy and share 
because of them.
 Thank you, Bill.


  1. The flowers are a lovely tribute to your husband. He does indeed have a green thumb, plus a loving wife.

  2. wonderful beauty you have got there in the yard thanks to Bill. Green thumbs are a gift I am so thankful for mine I have rescued some unbelievable plants this year with the heat I plan on sharing soon. Thanks for sharing your flower beauty :]

  3. Oh, oh, OH!!! I love each and every one of these! Many of them grew in my Grandmother's garden! I haven't smelled peonies since I was a little girl, they grew at one house we rented, they are heavenly! So many beautiful flowers, he truly has a talent for this! What a wonderful gift he gives to you in creating all this beauty. Bill is truly a man of many talents! These photos are amazing. I think I shall use them as wallpaper for my tablet! :-) Thank you so much for sharing Annie, tell Bill he is the best!

  4. They are most lovely! My few hollyhocks this year have been slow to blossom, just a few here and there and scattered around!

  5. So many gorgeous blooms! Bill certainly does have the knack.

    Most of the perennials and the few potted annuals in my little garden fried to a crisp long ago, in spite of daily watering. Just too hot and dry. But everyone's gardens seemed to have suffered and I realized that in all the summer I've had a digital camera (okay, maybe 7), this year I've taken the least number of floral pics. Most plants just haven't done well.

    Maybe we all need to borrow Bill!

  6. Beautiful flowers. If mine looked like those I don't think I would ever be inside!

  7. Dear McGuffyAnn, wow! those flowers are lovely. I especially like the pink poppy. What a joy and a gift Bill is to you and I suspect he feels the same way about you. Peace.