Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Natural Woman

A Memoir

By Carole King

This is a perfect title for the memoir of the iconic Carole King. Throughout the changing times of the Baby Boomer generation, she has always been able to remain true to herself. She is indeed an amazing, natural woman.

In her memoir, Carole tells us of her life from early roots throughout her musical career. From the beginning, her songs have been performed by a variety of musical artists. Her “Tapestry” album was released in February 1971, and remained on the charts for an unprecedented six years.

Carole also recalls her times from her personal life. She shares her childhood and early life. Carole also writes about her marriage to Gerry Goffin, who co-wrote numerous musical hits with her. She discusses in depth her achievements, accomplishments, awards, as well as her involvement in activism. She shares stories of motherhood, as the mother of four. Her memoir is truly an amazing tapestry of her life.

Photographs, many personal, behind the scenes, complete the portrait of this beautifully, natural woman. She is an amazing, gifted songwriter, musician, and singer. She is also a very down to earth, natural woman whom I admire and respect.

from "Tapestry" , 1971


  1. Seems like just yesterday when she was singing that song ... love her, love her music. Very nice review, McGuffy ...


  2. The video brought back memories for me. A great review.

  3. Thanks for this great post! I graduated from high school in 1971 and LOVED the Tapestry album. In the first chapter of my memoir, I write about this!!

  4. This is a must-read for women of our generation who grew up with Carol and her music! How can we be old enough for memoirs... where did the time go? Very nice review!

  5. A truly great artist! I love Tapestry. I didn't know there was a book. I think it's going on my list!
    Thanks for sharing your very nice review!

  6. Ohhh how I used to LOVE (and still do) Carole King!!!

    Her Tapestry album was one of my featured a CAT on the cover!

    When I was a teenager I used to play songs from it on the piano. I should read this book. Thanks for telling us about it!

  7. "I Feel the Earth Move".

    Nice tribute to Carole King, Ann. Thank you. I looked her up on Wikipedia. That brought even more memories.

    Songs like what Carole sang don't hardly make it big any more so that not many new singers sing them.
    Especially since Whitney is gone.