Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Fashion?

Fall fashions are here, 
& it seems everyone 
is checking them out!

Have a fabulous autumn!

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  1. Oh yes, for the best dressed kitty!

  2. I seriously wasn't expecting this when I seen the headline I am so not a fashion girl so I almost didn't click but then I said I need to leave my girl Mcguffy Ann some love today and WOOHOOOIE this was soooo dang cute I am still giggling :))

  3. Kittens are so cute but I like them better au natural, hehehe, and I imagine them too.

    Oh I love that cute kitten in the last picture. He looks just my big Leo. I miss him so much.


  4. The pictures are cute and funny but I think cats are beautiful and dressing them is sort of denying their beauty. I definitely think they they think people are crazy.

  5. Just too cute! And i often suspect they can sense we are laughing!

  6. Absolutely Fabulous Darlings. We are just having Spring/Summer fashion shows and my daughter asked me to come along to a couple. It's funny standing in the rain looking at summer dresses :0

  7. These are so great! The poncho cat looking in the mirror had me rolling. Thanks for the laughs!