Tuesday, September 18, 2012



The lake stirs above, and roils below,
stories and secrets no one can know.
Unknown lies in cold dark abyss,
a deadly risk one can't dismiss.
Adventures sought, some dreams lost,
with price of life the highest cost.
Stories, fables, legends unfold,
history is written as tales are told.

             poem & image by: McGuffy Ann Morris

The Buckeye (iron ore freighter),
following the route of sister-ship
the Edmund Fitzgerald,
on Lake Superior 
(Gichi-Gami is Ojibwe for "Big Water") 


  1. I love your poem about the lost freighter in the Great Lake. Very nice. JB

  2. This poem and the picture that goes with it are wonderful!Great offering to Josie's prompt.

  3. wow, I remember that poem we learned in grade school, about Hiawatha (?)....always enjoy your rimes....

  4. Excellent poem, and a chilling reminder of the fate of the Edmund Fitzgerald, a story those of are generation know well. The Great Lakes... expansive, beautiful, and yes, sometimes deadly. Your use of Gichi Gami did indeed bring the Hiwatha verse to mind, that made me smile! Your picture was a perfect accompaniment to your tale, and I wonder if the crew eever have this piece of history playing in their minds as they follow on the same journey. Well done, Annie, very interesting addition to Two Shoes Tuesday... just as I've come to expect from you! :-))

  5. Great poem, McGuffy Ann. I really love your evocative imagery.

  6. I love poems and that was a good one. You are a good rhymer...LOL

  7. Nice poem, Ann. Your Gitchi-Gami reminds me of Longfellow's "Gitche Gumee" shores in his The Song of Hiawatha.

    My sister loves to watch the ships in the canal coming in from the Lakes near Minneapolis (I think this is right, where she goes).

  8. I just don't know how pull these rhymes and stories out of your head. I think you must have things rumbling around in there all of the time. It is about time you started sharing them with us. You never disappoint, Annie. We all know you are good ... now you have to own it :)