Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Definitely Fall


Fall is here.
Football is back.

The weather is cooler.

Animals are planning for Winter.

Trees are changing.

As they say, "It's always something."


  1. Aw those are great. Love the kitty in the pile of leaves. Can't wait for that to happen here :)

    Hope you have a great Thursday!


  2. Oh, the planning cat is Diva ... she is always looking for ways to get at the birds mostly, but the occasional squirrel that wanders too close to the window. I hear a big thump! Thinking that a bird has hit the window I go to check ... hmmmmm it's the Diva again. If only that glass would get out of her way :)


  3. LOL!! It's definitely autumn!! Take care

  4. Dear McGuffyAnn, I so admire those wits who can look at a picture of animals and come up with such delightful monologues! Peace.

  5. ROTFL ... love the kitties in the tree!

  6. This post made my day. I especially love the picture with the leaves. Great job!!!

  7. I commented this morning but apparently it got lost in space! This was such a delightful way to start my morning... wonderful furkids ushering in our favorite season! I am fascinated by the tree full of cats, and want to know more about it! We have no squirrels here for kitty viewing, but Stormy used to spend hours watching rabbits munching in the ryegrass at night when we lived in New Mexico. I suspect he was fantasizing about munching on them! :-)

  8. Ah, thanks for the laughs Ann! All great images. My favourite is the cat saying, "Stop moving the dam sun!!!" Hehe, funny stuff!

  9. Aww so pretty. I love the cat tree and the leaf kitty. It's spring here, and the animals are loving it. But it has rained some days.