Monday, September 10, 2012

Lessons Learned

Bill and I are longtime pet owners.
We understand the dynamics 
of maintaining a balanced 
& peaceful household.

With Bill in long-haul trucking, 
we are in touch by cellphone.
We often text and email, too.
This is how we came across 
this "dynamic duo".

Jaspers the Cat
Sponge the dog


Usually this is the case:
with patience, love & support,
things can be worked out.
We can learn from this pair!


  1. There is definitely a lesson to be learned from the cat and the dog!

  2. I hope that the cat is declawed for Sponge's sake. The video of the boxing cat is just too funny. What a tolerant dog that Sponge.


  3. It has been my experience too, that animals, if given fair and safe circumstances will adapt to each other and learn to tolerate and often eventually become friends. People need to work at it a bit harder in relationships, but then there are those folks I'd like to box a few times for effect! ;-)