Monday, October 29, 2012

Ghostly Beacons

Haunted Lighthouses of North America

By Therese Lanigan-Schmidt

This fascinating book is especially for those who love lighthouses, history as well as the unexplained.

Ms. Lanigan-Schmidt is a member of Lighthouse Preservation Societies, with an interest and involvement in their history. She speaks and educates others on their history and lore.

A lifelong love of history in general lead her to her fascination with lighthouses when she and her husband moved to Fire Island, off of the coast of New York.

In this book, Ms. Lanigan-Schmidt tells of not only New York lighthouses, however. She takes us to lighthouses throughout New England, along the Atlantic East Coast, Southern U.S. lighthouses, along the Pacific West Coast, and throughout the Great Lakes.

In addition to each story, there are details of  its history, location, and contact information. The book is well researched and fascinating. 


  1. Having seen a few haunted lighthouse stories on paranormal series on tv, this book is indeed intriguing. It would just seem fitting that such a place would lend itself to ghostly in habitants. Another one to add to my reading list! Thanks for spotting the unique and interesting reads for us, McGuffy Ann!

  2. You pick the most interesting books to review. I would love to read it all.

  3. Dear McGuffy Ann, I'll look for the book at the library. The one lighthouse I've seen is in Minnesota by Lake Superior. It fascinated me. Peace.