Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ghosts of Northern Illinois

By Stephen Osborne

Spending most of my life in Northern Illinois, this book was of particular interest to me. I could picture the places he writes about, and have even been to some of them.

The book is divided into counties. Included in each account is history of the area and photographs.

Stephen Osborne tells stories that are well known, such as Resurrection Mary of Chicago. He also writes of Chicago's infamous Biograph Theatre, of John Dillinger's history. There is also the frightening Bachelor's Grove Cemetery history.

Stephen tells other tales, too. He takes us on an investigation with the Forest City Paranormal Society, as they research the Coronado Theatre in Winnebago County.

I hope that Stephen Osborne writes another book of Northern Illinois haunts. This one was very interesting.


  1. So it's a tour guide of where NOT to go? Kidding. I find this fascinating since I have had a few paranormal experiences myself.

    Happy Halloween.

  2. I would love to read this book!!

  3. Ghost stories...awesome! Even better when you are familiar with the locale, that makes it all very real, maybe too real! ;-)