Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I know you're watching;
I feel your eyes.
You can't deny it,
I know your lies.
Behind every half-open door
you violate privacy,
still seeking more.
You excite yourself
with dreams not there;
about others you do not care.
Watch closely, pretend it is real;
moments of other lives you steal.

Poem:McGuffy Ann Morris




  1. This was quiet interesting ... the concept of half - open door was really good !!!

  2. Oooh, McGuffy Ann, this gave me chills! I have known voyers in both the physical realm and the mental/emotional realm, and I think the latter are actually more scary, as they often don't see themselves for what they are. This was powerfullly good! Thank you for sharing it with us for Two Shoes Tuesday!

  3. You are extremely talented with words Ann.

  4. Eerie. Good but eerie. I like it...

  5. Hi Ann, a very nice read here ~~ means that you did a very nice write.

    It reminded me of our daughter and her neighbor friend when they were, say, about six. The had become the 'nosey neighbors' and would spy on all of us.

  6. Oh, I love this! Suitably creepy, yet intriguing. I think you've summed the peeper up very nicely. well done.

  7. how spooky that would be to have someone watching you! Ick!

  8. Stunningly intelligent ... in so few words you admonished the cruel theft of another's private life. I wish that the voyeurs of the world could read this and see themselves for what they are. Great post, Annie ...


  9. The concept of eyes everywhere watching during our private or almost private moments is very disturbing, isn't it? I don't like it when I feel watched or when I find out that I have been watched by someone that I didn't know was watching. I have a poem about these eyes, too.

    You have a great collection of poems, Annie. :)