Monday, February 11, 2013

Love in the ‘40s

When Mail Came Twice a Day

By Vivian Kline

Romance author Vivian Kline has written a very poignant story of life in the 1940s. After coming across a sixty-eight year old box of letters between herself and her husband, Vivian decided to share their story.

As a nineteen year old student of Vassar, she was corresponding with twenty-six year old PhD student Danny. He was at studying at Columbia, in New York City. They were eighty miles apart, too far to see each other often. A stamp was only 3 cents, and a lot less expensive than a phone call especially for college students. Letters were fast and frequent, as their relationship grew.

This heartwarming book tells of their special relationship, based upon diary entries and letters. During their courtship and early relationship, they were also living through some serious war years. Vivian shares all of this in a very sweet, interesting, and revealing book. Her anecdotes are charming and memorable.

Vivian is an interesting person who has lived a full life. This is her third book.


  1. Love that letters and diaries are the basis of this gorgeous sounding book!! We need more letter writing and diary keeping in this world of emails and texts etc!! Take care

  2. How time has changed. I bet that there are lots of wonderful short stories within this book . It sounds like a fun read.

  3. Another book I would enjoy reading.

  4. That sounds like an amazing book. I love that it is based upon an old box of letters between her and her husband.

  5. How beautiful and romantic! I'd love to read this one ;)