Monday, February 25, 2013

Love Saves the Day

By Gwen Cooper

This is an emotional novel of the human/animal bond. It is a very special story of this complex relationship, and very moving in its completeness of both sides.

Told by Prudence, the brown tabby, we are allowed to see life through the eyes of the cat. She tells of how she chose her human (Sarah), and their precious time together in eclectic New York City.

When one day, her human doesn’t come home, Prudence’s life is forever altered. She finds herself now living with the daughter of her human (Laura), and her family. They do not understand the things that Sarah did; they do not understand Prudence.

Prudence struggles to adjust to life without Sarah, her human. However, a successful lawyer, Laura struggles with the loss of Sarah, her “Bohemian” mother. The results are deep, meaningful, and insightful for both Prudence and Laura.

This is a very special novel, written by a special person. Gwen Cooper is the author of Homer’s Odyssey, the memoir of her life with a special blind cat. I recommend Gwen Cooper and both of these beautiful books.  


  1. This sounds like another good read!

  2. M just finished this book too and it was so good she didn't want to put it down.

  3. I would love to read this but it sounds so sad!

  4. Dear McGuffy Ann, I'll look for Gwen Cooper's books in the library. Both sound so interesting. Peace.

  5. I have a hard time reading stories like this ... I can't escape from the feelings it brings up and they are real because they remind me of all of the pain I have experienced with pets I have loved. I am better with fiction where I can tell myself it isn't really happening. Just reading your review makes me sad for Prudence.

    Andrea @ From The Sol