Thursday, March 7, 2013

Courage of the Soul

Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Life’s Everyday Challenges
The Wise Woman Collection

By Marion Elizabeth Witte and Melissa J. Murphy

This is an amazing collection of true life stories. These are life changing events encountered and overcome by ordinary people. Each story shows the perseverance and courage the human spirit is capable of when under pressure.

As we all do, these people had to deal with personal goals, health, immigration, relationships and all of the things of which life is made. Yet they dug deep into their souls to rise above their challenges.

Life experiences make us who we are, and show us who we can be. Not only did these people survive their personal circumstances, they triumphed.

This is a very inspirational book, full of hope and courage.   


  1. I think I would enjoy reading this book.

  2. It is truly amazing the way we deal with different life experiences...I could never imagine my parents dying and then they did. Now a good friend is going through the same thing and I can honestly say I know how she feels.

  3. It sounds like a nice book the kind I like. Normal people overcoming hard obstacles.

  4. M said she's going to check it out.