Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Invisible Girls

A Memoir

By Sarah Thebarge

A double-degree Ivy League graduate, with a fiancée, Sarah had it all going in the right direction. Then she was hit with breast cancer, losing it all, including herself.

Feeling alone and now invisible, Sarah relocates to Portland, Oregon to begin anew. There she meets a young mother and her five daughters, all from Somali, Africa. They are refugees, left alone after Hadhi’s husband abandoned them.

Reaching out to Hadhi, who also feels invisibility of loneliness, Sarah begins to heal. She helps the young mother and her daughters to find their way and their life in America. In doing so, she finds her own way in her new life.

A painfully lovely memoir, it is deep and healing. Those who have struggled with the feelings of loneliness and invisibility will find hope and purpose.


  1. This sounds like a very interesting story that I would enjoy reading.

  2. I have to say I would like to read it too. Have you ever read "I'm Still Alice" by Lisa Genova? It is about a Harvard Professor, a woman who journals her early onset Alzheimers.

  3. Sounds like a perfect fit, for some. I sure appreciate you posting these reviews! It gives a reader (me) a chance beyond the blurb they post, to get a real feel for the story.

  4. This book sounds really good. When people reach out to each other wonderful things happen!