Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Maumee River

The Maumee River runs through 
northeastern Indiana  & northwestern Ohio, 
before flowing into the Maumee Bay
of Lake Erie, near Toledo, Ohio.
It is an Ohio State Scenic River. 

These photos were taken on my 
Trucking Road Trip with Bill,
during October 2012. 

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  1. Oh, a lovely area! It's fun for me to see travel photos, since I'm a homebody! :-)

  2. Lovely! I like the starkness of the last one and the rippling on the water.

    Happy Tuesday. ☺

  3. Beautiful scenes! A place I would love to visit!

  4. love the silvery feel of the last shot.

  5. Some beautiful countryside. I want to see this for real too.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  6. Ah it was before the snow began to fall and fall some more, at least in my neck of the woods. It's a beautiful picture without winter taking up space!

  7. Thanks for your visit to my (snowy Minnesota) blog!
    I've been through parts of Indiana years ago, and just a tad bit of Ohio much further back than that. The midwest has so much to see!
    My husband is working away during most of the weeknights, up next to Canadian customs offices at Voyageur's National Park.. we miss him, and I think a trucking road trip would be wonderful. All that time together & you never know what you'll pass by!

  8. It's not too late to share at WW Bloggers at www.wordlesswednesdaybloggers.blogspot.com. Hope you'll join us!