Thursday, April 4, 2013

There Was an Old Woman

A Novel of Suspense

By Hallie Ephron

As Sandra Ferrante is taken to the hospital she gives a message to her very elderly neighbor, Mina. The message is, “Don’t let him in until I’m gone.” Mina writes it down, knowing she risks forgetting it. She calls Ginger, the daughter who is always there to help poor Sandra.

However, it is Evie’s turn to go back to the old neighbourhood and help their mother. Shocked at the appalling condition of the house and confused by the over-eager neighbor puts Evie on guard.

Then while cleaning up the house Evie finds envelopes of money, amidst the alcohol bottles and trash. Yet in the middle of the deplorable condition also sits a brand new flat-screen TV. Things continue to get increasingly strange for Sandra, Evie, and even Mina.

Mina’s nephew is pressuring her to move to a residential community, away from her home on the waterfront. Evie thinks Mina should consider the idea. As they develop a relationship, they have to rely on each other as things turn very sinister for both.


  1. Very intriguing, I love that the author has chosen to write about an older woman, and what her life has become!

  2. That sound like an intriguing book. I love a book that gets your attention from the beginning.