Thursday, May 2, 2013

Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Women’s Literary Society

By Amy Hill Hearth

It is 1962 when the Hart family moves from the East Coast to Florida. Jackie decides that being a mother and housewife isn’t quite enough. She starts a book club, and also a radio show.

In a time of segregation and a changing world, “Miss Dreamsville” as she calls her radio persona is accepted with a mix of caution and interest. When she begins to accept a variety of people into her book club, there is surprise and shock! Among the members are a woman who served jail time for killing her husband, a black woman, a man who sexuality is questionable, and a young divorcee.

The group comes together, learning about themselves and each other. In doing so, the town comes together learning some things about people and life. The book is heartwarming fun, both sweet and spicy.


  1. I am love the concept of this story. Nothing to me is more fascinating than gathering a group of seemingly discordant people and finding that they can enjoy each other's ideas and company. I know I would like this book!

  2. Oh yes, this sounds like a good read. I first like the adventure in adding more to her life and then throwing in all those engaging characters!