Monday, May 20, 2013

Nowhere But Home

By Liza Palmer

This is a fun novel of going home again. Fired from her job as a chef, Queenie feels she has nowhere to go but back “home”.

Hoping to overcome the reputation the women in her family, she must face the town’s folk again. Things have changed and hopefully settled down since she left so long ago.
However, people remember the past mistakes of Queenie’s mother and sister, and Queenie remembers her own mistakes, too. She is suddenly faced with the real reason she left town.

Her new job as the cook at the prison for death row inmates keep her busy, and they don’t care about her past or her present, either. She immerses herself in her job to avoid the chaos around her.

As secrets of the past come to light, Queenie struggles with whether to stay or leave her hometown again. She alone must decide the answers.


  1. I just read and enjoyed this one, and I are reading a lot of the same things lately!

  2. Yet another to put on my Kindle wish list for later.