Tuesday, November 5, 2013


She pushes the heavy cart
through Old Town.
It doesn’t matter to her
that the cart doesn’t hold
her own dreams, but
those of countless others.
What matters to her
is that she holds
forgotten dreams
as her own.
Poem: McGuffy Ann Morris
Image: Photobucket


  1. You painted a picture with your words that says so much about how we view things. To those looking at her, and the photo above, they may see an empty basket and not always understand what she carries with her. Beautiful, poignant, and a message that I know is very close to your heart. Thank you for this beautifully done poem for Two Shoes Tuesday. Your words are always gifts to us!

  2. Been there is a way. This is very moving and I do hope that the next time I spot her, I have many times now already, I will think of these words.
    I also think of how and why her decision for this way of life came into being.

    This fellow for sure had his treasures and life support in his shopping cart: Carrying his treasures in a shopping cart http://jimmiehov.blogspot.com/2010/03/homeless-in-america-midweek-blues.html

  3. It is a pity that shopping carts can't blog; what stories they would tell. This a beautiful and poignant piece of writing.

  4. Awwww - glad she is able to contain all these lost dreams! Take care

  5. I think I lost my last comment from the android...gotta stop using that thing. anyhow... I loooooooved this poem . It is so sad and sweet in a way as well. I know many of these people in my town and have spoken to many and it is just as you say they have taken the cast off dreams of others lives and somehow made them their own because they have so little ... its a beautiful piece of writing!

  6. Wonderful word pictures you've created, Annie. And the photo is the perfect accompaniment. xxxx

  7. Great photo for such a beautiful poem.

  8. Really thought provoking McGuffy Ann. Beautiful.