Monday, November 18, 2013

The Tilted World

By Tom Franklin & Beth Ann Fennelly

This historical novel takes place during the “great Mississippi floods of 1927”.  Set in Hobnob, Mississippi, the novel characterizes their people, lives and suffering during the massive natural disaster.

Moonshine and bootlegging is a way of life in and around Hobnob. Young Dixie married top moonshiner, Jesse. It is not an easy marriage,  laden with problems, including the loss of an infant.

The Government sends in agents to shut down the bootlegging of moonshine in Mississippi, particularly in and around Hobnob. While seeking out stills and illegal operations, two agents go missing. Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover then must send in two special agents under the guise of being engineers.

One of the agents, Ingersoll, finds an infant and places it with Dixie, who is more than willing. This only creates another set of problems, while complicating existing issues. The relationship between these characters is interesting and intriguing. 

A complex, multi-layered story, it is vivid in its imagery and colourful in its characters. Offering romance, suspense, history, crime, and intense character portrayals it will hold your interest and keep you involved.


  1. I love that there's a place called Hobnob! It's a name of a well loved biscuit here in the UK!!

    But seriously - thanks for the review and info to this book - certainly lots of intrigue in what sounds like a most dangerous time! Take care

  2. Yet another book to add to my wish list.

  3. This sounds like an interesting read. It makes me wish my TBR stack was a little shorter so I could add this one to the pile.

  4. Some folks really had a hard time in those days. Thanks for the review.

  5. Stories about floods trigger difficult memories. On a lighter note, my parents used to own a small piece of land in the country on the road that people in the area called "Bootlegger Road," because that's where all the stills were in the 20's.

  6. It seems like I want to read every book you review! :) Another one to add to my list...

  7. Now this book really appeals to me. Guess I';d better buy it or see if it's on the NOOK. Thanks for the great review.

  8. This sounds like a good book. Thanks for the review! I'm always looking for good things to read. :)

  9. Wish I have more time so that I could read that one. I admire them who can write such a wonderful story:)

  10. Sounds like a good one McGuffy ... I may have to put this on my list. I like a good multi layered mystery with some true history behind it.

    Andrea @ From The Sol