Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Lesson in Hope

This story was sent to me by a friend. I know it is an old story and there are other versions of it, but that is irrelevant. I don't know if it is true or not, but it could be. We could make it so by our own actions. Please read for the moral of the story.  

Recently, my husband, youngest son, and I went out to McDonald's one crisp morning. It was just our way of sharing special playtime with our son.

We were standing in line, waiting to be served, when all of a sudden everyone around us began to back away, and then even my husband did so. I did not move an inch. An overwhelming feeling of panic welled up inside of me as I turned to see why they had moved. As I turned around I smelled a horrible 'dirty body' smell, and there standing behind me were two poor homeless men.

As I looked down at the short gentleman, close to me, he was smiling. His beautiful sky blue eyes were full of God's light as he searched for acceptance. He said, 'Good day' as he counted the few coins he had been clutching.

The second man fumbled with his hands as he stood behind his friend. I realized the second man was mentally challenged and the blue-eyed gentleman was his salvation. I held my tears as I stood there with them.

The young lady at the counter asked him what they wanted. The man with the blue eyes said, 'Coffee is all, Miss.', because that was all they could afford. (If they wanted to sit in the restaurant and warm up, they had to buy something. They just wanted to be warm).

Then I had a compulsion so great I almost reached out and embraced the little man with the blue eyes. That is when I noticed all eyes in the restaurant were set on me, judging my every action.

I smiled and asked the young lady behind the counter to give me two more breakfast meals on a separate tray. I then walked around the corner to the table that the men had chosen as a resting spot. I put the tray on the table and laid my hand on the blue-eyed gentleman's cold hand.

He looked up at me with tears in his eyes, and simply said, 'Thank you.' I leaned over, began to pat his hand and said, 'I did this because God is here working through me to give you hope.'

I started to cry as I walked away to join my husband and son. When I sat down my husband smiled at me and said, 'That is why God gave you to me, Honey, to give me hope.' We held hands for a moment. We knew that it was through the grace of God that we had been able to give.'

~Author Unknown~


  1. I have read this before but it never fails to move me. There definitely is a lesson in this story for us all.

  2. A very touching storey, I just hope it's true, if not, it's a storey waiting to happen.

  3. What a lovely story, hope is a priceless gift for all. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Heartwarming story...touched me also!

  5. Poverty is a cruel and often hopeless state ... I wish there were many like this women who could see past the stigma and give hope in what ever form. This is touching and it should be true ... I hope it is.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. What a beautiful story.Yes, it could be true, and I would like to think that I would/could do that for someone! But.........would I? I hope so, but I've never been faced with that situation either.

  7. Beautiful, Annie! I have heard this story, and I love it. It can't be repeated too often. It is important for us all to realize how much difference even one small act of kindness such as this can make in the life of someone who is struggling. The breakfast was wonderful, the moment of human interaction and caring was priceless. I so often see in the clients we serve, many who are in similar situations and condition, just the need to be treated and respected as fellow human beings, not to be looked down on as something to avoid or abhor. We can all treat each other with dignity, that is a little thing that has a big impact. We can all take a moment to care! Thank you for the excellent reminder!

  8. These are the stories that are heart breaking...yet so important to hear

  9. Whether it's true or not, that's an amazing story chock full of God's love and teachings. Thank you for sharing it, McGuffy Ann.

  10. This was so enchanting and beautiful. When we give, how much more we get. A gorgeous reminder.

  11. always look for the helpers. beautiful story.
    we had something similar happen in my hometown - we saw some young teens hitchhiking near our church - it was just starting to get cold out and it was clear they had nowhere to go. we fed them and paid for a hotel for them for the night. they were traveling out West to start a new life. I hope they went much encouraged of heart and spirit because someone SAW them with the Father's eyes.

  12. This may be an old story (that may or may not be true) but it's good to hear it again to remind us that there are kind and caring people in the world. And who knows maybe it will inspire someone to offer a little kindness to others.

  13. While these details may not be exactly true, this story does occur, across the globe, every day, and i hope it inspires more people to keep it happening.

  14. I remember this and though we don't know its origin, that in itself is unimportant. What IS important is the Sprit that is exemplified here.

    I would do the same in His name.

  15. A beautiful story and a great lesson of compassion for us all. Thank you for sharing it.

  16. I read it before and it is a powerful story:)
    Thanks for sharing again!

  17. Very good story. It reminds us all how much the little kindnesses can mean so much. If we all would do this even once in our lives (as we often don't get those spontaneous opportunities), our world would be such a better place. XO, Janet