Friday, March 14, 2014

Top U.S. "Snow Globe" Cities

Snowy sunrise 

I took this picture at sunrise, between Boston and Springfield, Massachusetts. Traveling with Bill enabled me to see many places and varied winter weather. It is interesting to see how different areas of the country handle snow and ice (more on that in future posts). 

With such a brutal winter for 2013-2014, there has been much talk of snowfall records. Some cities have broken their record snowfall totals or set new ones. Snow fell in cities that were not prepared to handle it.

"The Golden Snow Globe" has been keeping track of snowfalls in U.S. cities. What started as a competition between meteorologists in New York state is now a national contest. The site updates totals around the nation as snow falls, and have listed the top twenty five cities for snow this winter. You can find more information on their website.

Currently, the top cities and totals are:
1. Erie, PA...130.4"
2. Syracuse, NY...128.4"
3. Buffalo, NY...120.6"
4. Grand Rapids, MI...112.6"
5. Rochester, NY...102.6"
6. Billings, MT...95.2"
7. Ann Arbor, MI...92.2"
8. Detroit, MI...90.7"
9. Toledo, OH...84.8"
10. Flint, MI...81.8"
11. Worcester, MA...81.2"
12. Chicago, IL...79.1" 
13. Cleveland, OH...77.0"
14. Ft. Wayne, IN...72.2"
15. Lansing, MI...68.2"
16. Allentown, PA...66.9"
17. Green Bay, WI...65.2" 
18. Akron, OH...64.5" 
19. Philadelphia, PA...62.9"
20. Milwaukee, WI...62.5"
21. Pittsburg, PA...61.6"
22. Newark, NJ...60.7"
23. Minneapolis, MN...58.4"
24. New York, NY...57.4"
25. Boston, MA...57.1"

Amazing, isn't it? Winter isn't over yet! These totals are very likely to change.


  1. I checked out that link after you posted it in your comment on my personal blog. Okay, I'll stop complaining now. LOL. Though I don't know what our total accumulation has been...too much! :-)

    1. I agree. We have "too much". We are about halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee. I have some snow stories to share, too.

  2. That is one of the most interesting things! I am so glad you posted these total. Used to be Buffalo had the highest amount I THINK I remember. It has been surpassed!
    I will go right to that link. xox

    1. Thanks! It really puts things into perspective, while setting the records straight.

  3. winters like this i am happy to live in texas.

    1. I did as a kid, many moons ago. I like the change of the seasons too much to live too far south. I have to say, Texas drivers are a bit too fast and "wild", in general. Road rage isn't a good thing, especially on ice.
      (I am basing this on several things that I witnessed.)

  4. If winter hangs on much longer, those first few may end up in a scuffle for first place. This isn't a contest i'd want to win.

    1. There are regular updates, so there is no telling how it will end. Bill goes up to Erie & Buffalo on his truck routes. Snow & more snow!

  5. Guess we shouldn't complain because we certainly could have been one of those higher ranked cities. Yikes!

    1. Green Bay gets enough snow, doesn't it? This is one contest I don't care to win!

  6. That is amazing...we are supposed to have snow on Monday!

  7. I wish it would snow here sometimes, today is like summer, work in the yard

    1. I cannot even imagine what summer will bring. I hope it is more gentle than winter has been.

  8. oh my! I don't know if we even bother to keep track at all up here.
    I think I saw a report that said if we got over 20 cm this week, it would put us over the 200 cm mark thus far this winter. Although -- that doesn't sound like enough according to the size of my snow banks.

    1. I would love for Canada to do this! Start keeping track, in your spare time, of course.