Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Family and Other Hazards

~A Memoir

By June Melby

Now an adult, June Melby has conflicted feelings when her parents inform her that they are retiring and selling the family business: a miniature golf course. Taking us back to the 1970s, June reflects upon her unique childhood with both humour and warmth.

We tag along as her family travels each summer from their home in Iowa to nearby Wisconsin to run this family business. Using the hazards along the course, June illustrates life. Each hazard is representative of a basic element, a lesson in life. She shares the lessons learned along the way, applying them to herself and her family.

In this entertaining memoir, we also learn the colourful history of miniature golf and its place in modern Americana. The memories are sweet like cotton candy, and easy like a summer breeze. 

This is a perfect summer read, especially for other “baby boomers” like June Melby, and myself. Enjoy.


  1. It does sound like a great, light read. Thanks for sharing with us.