Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Seeing Things

Sometimes while traveling I see interesting reflections.
Often they are on sources of water, but sometimes they 
are on window or mirrors.  Then there are the interesting 
reflections or distortions ometal surfaces, like semis. 

Usually these are real images, but often they are distortions 
of things you don't  see and perhaps cannot even figure out.

Here is a picture that I took of things, or perhaps creatures,  
that were not really there...well, at least I don't think so. 

Honestly, I did not get out of the truck to check.
That may be Bigfoot on the right, though. Maybe.
Just sayin'.

I have no idea who this guy was, either. No one was there.
I was sure to keep my doors locked at this facility.
Well, I always do, really. You just never know who,
or what, maybe be lurking around you. Right?

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  1. Oh, this is really good! How clever to photograph reflective surfaces such as the doors on a semi truck. I see these monsters, too, and like you I think I would stay in the truck with the door locked. lol Happy WW!

  2. Those are really neat! The first looks like a distorted image of a vehicle, but the others....Well, it's a good thing you stayed put, safe. :-P

  3. Awesome, like mirages ... who said the camera does not lie?

  4. Very interesting reflections; literally and figuratively.

    Peace :)

  5. Well in the first one I see a big blue semi that looks familier, but the faces, that really creeps me out. How does that be truck door reflect a mans face so big ... yikes ... I assume they weren't that big in real life, but I sure would keep my doors locked too. Fun Stuff, McGuffy ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  6. I like your writing style and voice, how you matched it to the photos.

  7. Now, the next time i'm on the road, i'm going to have to look more closely as what images appear in the polished metal doors of semis! Those are cool looking.

  8. This may just become a great art form. Your creativity is showing. I love those pictures. I've never really looked at the reflections of those big rig. That last big guy with the black helmet is scary. hahaha. Thanks for sharing these facinating reflections.

  9. Good eyes! Love what you saw, and took pictures of, in those trucks. The last one is pretty scary though...

  10. Wonderful creativity shown in all these shots.

  11. those are really cool! I remember when the big long milk truck tanker came to my grandparents farm to collect the weekly milk -- it was long and silver and we would all run out to see our reflections in the side. we all looked like fat little midgets with swollen heads! it was hilarious and would crack us up every week.

  12. Those are so cool! What a creative and imaginitive mind you have, dear friend!