Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Butterfly

Silver-Spotted Skipper
Skippers fly from one flower plant to another in short skips,
earning them this name, "Skipper". There are well over 3000
known varieties of this butterfly species. The Silver-Spotted
Skipper is one of the largest and most common kinds. Along with
it's distinctive colour pattern, it has a wider head with noticeably 
down-curved antennae tips. 

Bill captured these photos in our back yard the last time he was 
home. This Skipper was resting on our Tiger Lillies. He seemed
almost as curious about Bill as Bill was about him. Bill tries to 
capture these kind of photos knowing how much I love them. 
We both like sharing them here with you!

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Curious as a Cathy


  1. It's so hard to get a picture of a butterfly, especially one that skips around! Good job on this one. Love it.

  2. Nice capture love the name of it heheh!

    Have a butterflytastic week & thanks for flittering by :-) ;-)

  3. LOVE!! it's this kind of thing that makes all the hard work of gardening worth while! I try to grow plants that will attract butterflies (and bees, and hummingbirds, etc.) so it turns your whole garden into a nature reserve. great for the planet -- and photographers! :)

  4. Skippers make summer so much fun! Lovely clicks!

  5. Great shot of this beautiful butterfly. Wow, it sure has big eyes.

  6. Those are beautiful photos. It's not easy to capture the photo of a butterfly as they flit away all too soon.

  7. Great pictures! Thanks to Bill for capturing them, and thank you, McGuffy Ann, for sharing them here. :)

  8. Great photo and I'm impressed that you actually know the name of what you are shooting.

  9. I love Skippers. Here all I have seen is a Brown Skipper. Love that little one.