Monday, August 18, 2014

(Bad) Poetry, by Bill

Ode to Sam

Not heftylump,
not woozle,
for she's just a cow
in cat's pajamas.

~Bill Morris

Sam blessed our home and hearts for nearly twenty years. Sam knew no limits to life or love. She talked to everyone (or just herself) her entire life. She was the dominant female over all of our "own" cats and the fosters/rescues as well. She even ruled the dogs. Sam's queendom was ruled by love, though. She did not have a bit of meanness in her heart or soul. 

Sam chose Bill as her "purrson", though she loved everyone. She was the first cat who ever owned Bill. It made a lasting impression on him. Though he is really a musician, he penned this poem just for her when she wasn't much more than a kitten. She was very unique and very much loved.

Though she has been over the Rainbow many years now, Sam lives on in our memory and our hearts. This one is for her...from Bill.


  1. I've never seen a cow sit like that. lol.
    Sam must have thought he was a person.

  2. Our loves never ever leave us! She was a cutie!

  3. I may not always like poetry - but you gotta love cat poetry! Well done Bill.

  4. WE like that Ode to Sam. That is terrific. Have a great evening.

  5. Love the poetry! And I don't think we ever get over those sweet fur companions who were with us so long and became part of our lives.

  6. Nice poem! She certainly was a cool cat!

  7. That's the cutest cow we've ever seen. What a purrfect poem Bill wrote for Sam. :)

  8. So sad when we are left by people like Sam. Hank is 6 now and I'm sure he's got many years ahead of him, but I'd dreading the time already.

  9. Sam sounds like a very special cat.

  10. Love the poem....and I know just what you mean...our babies of four paws will always grace our lives. If not now, in our memories!!! Beautiful Sam.

  11. Beautiful poem, and he did a great job on it. Cow kitties are great - people tell me Mario is more cow kitty than he is tuxie. Whatever one calls them, black cats are just as loving and smart as any other cat.