Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rubbish Tuesday #15

When trucking with Bill, I like to explore when I can.
While making a delivery near Salem, Massachusetts, 
Stella and I  took a little walk. We came across these 
abandoned railroad tracks hidden in a grove of trees.

There were no historic or informational signs, 
just those of wear, age, and obvious neglect.

The hardware is very rusty and missing parts,

but I was impressed with the details left intact.

Looking in the other direction, we explored further.

As we walked along, we saw the "end of the line".

There at the very end was a rusty railroad bumper. 
This is a post to prevent the boxcars from rolling 
off the end of the track and onto the bare ground.

I love exploring and discovering things like this.
I wish I knew more about this track, but 
sometimes history keeps its secrets. 

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  1. What a fun place for a walk. Great pictures, detailing it all. We don't have many abandoned tracks around here, with our various counties ripping them up for bike or foot paths and trails. But when I find one, I like walking it too!

  2. A great find for Rubbish Tuesday! I also wonder about places like this.

  3. Oh yeah, I like such adventures too.
    By the way: you have wonderful pets in your header :-)
    I will follow you per email and read more about them...

  4. Magnificent find!!!! What stories this track could tell us.
    And yes, Robin Williams will be missed...I'm still very shocked at the news.

  5. Great pics for Rubbish Tuesday! I have always wanted to follow a railway to see what I could see...just never have been brave enough to do it..my luck I would get stuck and not be able to get off when a train came rolling in. Great place to snap a few pics.

  6. A unique and interesting find. Enjoyed walking along abandoned railroad tracks.

  7. Interesting...wonder what used to be there for the train to pick up....or what did it drop off.

  8. Many old rails are at "the end of the line." Tom The Backroads Traveller

  9. It's sad that the rails are so neglected now. They could be put to good use.

  10. This is an awesome find! Great photos too!

  11. What a wonderful historic find!

  12. Great find! I like anything to do with trains and railroads. Guess because I grew up across the road from one. Thanks for linking up!

  13. That looks like a very interesting find, Annie. Very intriguing. Just made to let your thoughts and fantasy wander towards what might have happened.

  14. That was a fun walk with you, a shame there was no info for you to read.


  15. Interesting find on your walk. I'm wondering if the train delivered coal to that place.

  16. Great photos, there are many disused and abandoned tracks around us and we often talk a wander down them to see where they lead.