Monday, August 18, 2014

Sweet Dreams

I believe in dreams. I believe we need to dream and I believe dreams can come true. The first poem that I truly took to heart was at the age of 13. The poem is:

“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
                         ~Langston Hughes
As humans, dreams bring us hope. We cling to our hopes and dreams. They keep us afloat during difficult times. They move us forward to our accomplishments. They can help us overcome fears by pushing us to reach for that elusive golden ring in life.
In our youth we learn to dream. We dream of what our life will be like, who we will become, and even who we will share it with. We dream of what we will be, what we will do with our life. The possibilities are endless, and usually will change as we grow.
As we get older we change; life changes us. Consequently, our dreams change, too. That is the beauty of dreams: dreams can be changed. We can give up some dreams; we can create new dreams. Sometimes we realize dreams may not be practical. Some dreams may not be within our control. If we hold onto these dreams, they can keep us from seeing the beauty of our reality. We risk never being happy.
Let us appreciate what we have, even if it means letting go of things that are not meant to be. Let us find new dreams when old ones become broken or worn out. Let us never miss out on blessings because we cling to old dreams.
I believe in dreams, but I believe in blessings, too. We need to remember that reality is even more important than dreams. Some dreams are not meant to be, no matter how much we wish for it. However, some blessings become our reality even though we never wished for it. 
Sweet dreams are made of these.


  1. when i get discouraged because of something i can't have or realize, i focus on my gratitudes of all that i DO have.

  2. Dream or fantasy? I tend to think of a "dream" as being within the realm of possibility, even probability with appropriate hard work and sacrifice. Something that can be turned into concrete goals and achieved.

    Fantasy strikes me as "dreaming" about what's not likely to happen, realistically.

    I almost want to write that I don't have any dreams, but that wouldn't be true, though for a long time I didn't. Now I dream of a single, detached bungalow in a quiet, mature neighbourhood, with no adjoining neighbours ever again in my life. LOL. Just haven't figured out a way to turn THAT dream into reality, especially given my age (and other circumstances).

    You're quite correct in that holding onto our dreams, or our fantasies, can blind us to the good in our lives right now, as we long for some future state of (non-existent) utopia, however we imagine that to be.

    And it's also true that even a difficult reality can provide unseen blessings.

    I think if you want something badly enough, and your commit yourself to it, set your intention, the Universe will open paths. This has been my experience for the few things I've wanted deeply in my life. Of course, eventually you gain enough experience to understand that even the realization of a dream isn't all good, there are downsides too, that come with that "dream."

    Really good post. I don't think I'm making sense right now, but hey, it's Monday morning and I've yet to gain any focus for the work day. :-)

  3. Some days, it's very difficult to hold on to the dreams. That's when i have to choose between being angry, or being thankful, and i choose thankful.

  4. I've always believed that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Greatness has to come from somewhere, it just takes the spark of an idea to achieve it.

  5. I always feel better when I read a post like this. But...I have been having tons of water dreams lately...but only when I am not sleeping in my own bed!

  6. I am totally blessed even though I have dealt with lots of adversity. Dreams are nice, but that is usually what they remain. Goals are better. Excellent and thought-provoking post. Hugs, janet

  7. A very thoughtful and well-written piece, Annie. Much wisdom here.

  8. the broken road that led me straight to where I was meant to be!
    yes, dreams are great -- but knowing how blessed your are and being content to bloom where you are planted; to see the incredible magic in that -- that's pretty darn great too. Awesome post my friend! Hugs!

  9. Great post friend. I've always said I don't dream. But everyone tells me I really do, I just don't remember the dreams. Right now I can recall only 2 dreams since I was in third grade. One was a dream I had back then. The other a dream I had a couple of months ago.