Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The house sits not far from the track;
the old gal sits in a chair out back.
Her worn, faded Bible says 1904,
as does the bridge that promised her more.
Progress had never ceased to amaze,
while several children she managed to raise.
She, herself, grew up by this track,
listening to the clackety-clack.
She dreamt of places where the tracks would go
when the trains went by and their whistles would blow.
She would listen to stories the porter would tell
when he would come and sit for a spell.
But dreams are just that and when life is through
it never matters which ones came true.
Time has finally taken its toll;
life has passed by with the dreams it stole.
Now she remains in the house by the track
and still she waits in the chair out back,
until the day that she will ride high
tracks made of gold in the silver sky.

Poem & Image: McGuffy Ann Morris


  1. Delightful poem....very easy to imagine the subject sitting near the track.

  2. Yes, it is wonderful that bridge and nice words! Nice photo!

  3. sometime life just plows on past...

  4. A lovely tender poem of a life well spent. Hugs,

  5. Now there's a poem I like! Very sweet and a great story.

  6. The following line sticks with me:
    But dreams are just that and when life is through, it never matters which ones come true.
    Very haunting and thought provoking.

  7. Love it. You have such a way with words - I'm always wanting more.

  8. Oh I loved it. I think I may send your book of poems to Mario to enjoy as well. I loved them and most had meaning to me and made me recall things from the past or even the present that are appropriate to the poems. xoxox

  9. I spent a few of my early year in a home by a railway track (and definitely on the wrong side of it) and I used to watch the trains go by and wonder what adventures the people must have. it seemed so grand to me then. Now, I know they were just going to work. Ha. But still.... I like that I remember those grand places I thought they were going.

  10. Story poems are my absolute favorite and the ones I like most to write. Well done. Hugs, janet

  11. I feel as if I could hear the train running.
    The last line is especially beautiful.


  12. This has got the rhythmic clickity clack of the railway line and a good parallel as well.

  13. Beautifully expressed. Could imagine her story :)
    Love the last line.

  14. This is FANtastic!!! Totally impressed I am. You managed to paint a clear picture of the lady and even the porter who came to sit a spell!!

    Loved this.

  15. Wow- talented you are, ma'am!! Well done.

  16. A sweet life story, and a beautiful poem.

  17. This is wonderful. Such a hopeful poem!

  18. This was wonderful. It held my attention all the way.

  19. Great poem, great words! The old bridge needs some TLC!

  20. What a lovely, haunting poem but somewhat sad. It is hard for me to imagine not pursuing one's dream.