Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Special Reunion

Bill is still home and we are busy being a family.
I just haven't had much time for the computer.
However, in the meantime I wanted to share  
this special video. I hope you enjoy it, too.

I will be back in the next couple of days, &
I will get back into a regular routine again. 
I appreciate your patience. I hope you are 
all safe, well, and very happy! Hugs.


This reunion will make you laugh and cry.
You might want to turn the volume down a bit, as 
the dog reacts to seeing her owner after two years.
The love a critter gives is unconditional & genuine. 


  1. OMC - That is one happy doggie! That is so precious! Apparently, he really really missed his human.

  2. I wish I would get so happy and pass out of hapiness, lol. Thanks and enjoy you precious time with Bill.

  3. My dogs got quite the rise out of this too. Misty who was in the other room came running in to what was going on! Great clip, I know the feeling when I came back from my recent South Dakota trip my animals were so excited too!

  4. My dog also came running when she heard the video dog crying. My goodness such a welcome. Two years? Really?

  5. It's a great video, poor dog. LOL.

    Enjoy your family time, it's precious. Far more important than time spent in front of any computer or tablet.

  6. Have fun! Don't worry about us but we miss you!

  7. Oh, that is so special! That little one is sure happy to see its person. :)

    Enjoy your time with Bill!

  8. That was so heartwarming. Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy your precious time with Bill. Hugs, Janet

  9. Oh my gosh- that made me cry. How sweet! Have a wonderful time with Bill!

  10. oh my gosh... I sob every single time I see this. It's the most precious thing and if watching it doesn't thaw the coldest, darkest heart: there is no hope for you. such love from something we assume doesn't have any feelings - pshaw!

  11. Awwwww, love the video.

    Enjoy your blogging break and time with Bill!

  12. Loved the video! Enjoy your time with Bill.