Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The sun always rises,
bringing renewed hope
of warmth and light.
The sun needs nothing.
Having owned the day,
it gradually relinquishes
its place in the sky.
Proud of its accomplishment,
it sets slowly, reluctantly,
leaving us in the chasm of
expectation and darkness.
The moon tries to fill the empty sky;
but the moon needs the stars,
knowing there is loneliness in darkness.
The moon and stars can offer only
the vague promise of dreams,
possibility of wishes come true.

Image & Poem by:
by McGuffy Ann Morris
Poem from the book "Weeds"


  1. We love the photo and the words!

  2. Lovely poem, and so true. Funny thing this morning when I was out with the dogs, very dark still, almost 5:30 am and the sky was just filled with stars! I could name a few, and ran for my camera. Of course my phone caught only darkness!

  3. This was so lovely! I've often thought the moon was lonely...shining and shining and yet unable to do what the sun does naturally.

  4. The moon and stars can offer only
    the vague promise of dreams,
    possibility of wishes come true. -
    Love that part of the poem. How many wish upon a star!

  5. Wishes and dreams are for the night, and work to make them come true is for the day.

  6. such a fitting image with such a great work of prose!!

  7. The sun is brash and confident but the moon is shy like a young girl, shining brightly but yearning love with the stars urging her on. This was what came to mind as I read your beautiful poem.

  8. a paws a paws a paws !!! yur mom iz inn deed veree talented guys ...awesum ☺

  9. Oh my, Annie, this is beautiful. I never really thought that the moon needed the star knowing there is loneliness in darkness. What a great observation.

  10. This is a beautiful poem, clearly written and full of lovely imagery.

  11. Dat's a weally cool foto.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  12. I never thought of the moon as lonely. This is really quite beautiful.

  13. How beautiful! Thanks for slowing us down a little with a poem and beautiful photo. Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  14. Gorgeous photograph and very beautiful and thought-provoking poem. Well done. Hugs, Janet

  15. I do so love this poem, Annie! You know well that the moon and night sky are friend's of mine, and I love the thought that they stars are there to keep company. Here in Texas the night sky is so beautiful, and yet there is that lonliness about it too. Thank you for coming to join in at Two Shoes Tuesday today! :-)

  16. I like it, Ms. Mac. It reminds me of one of my favorite Beatle songs, "Here Comes the Sun"
    ... "Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
    And I say it's all right

    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes" ...

  17. I like the last line of your poem.

  18. this is one of my very faves from your book!!! THIS is what inspired me to try and shoot the moon when I got my camera last year. So glad you shared this one. <3

  19. You are right the moon does seem lonely. Your poem is thought provoking.