Thursday, October 2, 2014

If I Could Only Fly

I have always wished that I could fly. As a child, and even as a teen, it was the freedom of flying that made me wish for this ability. I could go anywhere, see anything, even save others from tragedies. I could fight for justice and catch “bad guys”. I would be a super hero!

As I entered the “responsible years”, I thought that it would be a wonderful outlet. I could get away from things and people, if just for a brief amount of time, and maybe save myself. I could take mini-vacations, perhaps visit some people I was no longer able to see regularly. It would be a great ability to be able to maintain connections lost in time.

Once age began taking root in my bones, I developed serious health and joint issues. Walking became progressively difficult and increasingly painful. I had both hips, and then both knees, replaced. I later had one ankle fused twice. If I could fly, perhaps I could have avoided some of the pain and problems, and achieved more in life. It wasn’t easy; flying would have come in handy.

Now, entering another phase of life, flying has taken on new meaning for me. Bill and I spend an incredible amount of time apart. This includes nights, weekends, birthdays, holidays, many days, many nights…and it is very hard on both of us. If only one of us could fly, perhaps it wouldn’t be. 

I often say there is a soundtrack to my life; I believe this. Music has special meaning for Bill and I. It connects us. There is a song, “If I Could Only Fly”, by Merle Haggard. Bill sent me this video when he first starting driving a truck over the road. It certainly applies to us now. Indeed, flying would be wonderful.

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The Prompt:
“If you could be immortal for a day, 
what would you do?”


  1. I share your interest in flying. I have had the opportunity to fly many, many times and have so enjoyed it. It's not so much fun anymore with all the restrictions and fees and crowded airports. So sorry for your troubles with pain. Are you now the bionic woman? My brother has had similar replacements and is at least not in pain anymore. God bless.

    1. Planes are okay, but I wish I could fly without one, on my own ability or God's. I'm not bionic yet, but I am working on it! Hug.

  2. This is such a beautifully reflective post, McGuffy Ann. Thank you.

  3. this is so sweet, so beautiful and so so demonstrative of how special you guys are!! And I rather think - in a way? you guys are flying! :)

  4. A very heartfelt post. We've been without the net for a few days, so it feels good to be catching up again.

  5. A very touching post. I listened and and felt your loneliness at being apart from Bill so much.

    I once had a dream where I could fly . It was the most amazing freeing feeling I ever had. I didn't even needed to flap my wings because I didn't had any but by just willing myself to float and hover above grown and over water.

    I would like you to have a dream like that.

  6. So sweet.

    Merle lives in our neck of the woods. Bob Dylan's drummer, George, lives close too. I guess it's true when they say, "There's music in them thar hills".

  7. what a beautiful message and wonderful video. As a child, after watching Peter Pan and Mary Poppins, I was determined that I could "fly"...I tried...believe me, I tried....never worked. ((((hugs))) to you

  8. Well......Dat's a wunnewful dweam.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  9. I can see that flying would have come in very handy! And when I watch the birds, they make it look so easy. :-) Loved your comment on my post today. LOL

  10. Yes, I share that to a degree. I used to be more so, then I took up flying in an airplane. After having children I stopped for quite a while as a way to make sure I would be here for them. But it was fun while it lasted. Do you ever dream you are flying? I do, sometimes. Maybe we'll meet in the sky. xox

  11. I've always shared that same dream as well. This is the closest thing I've found : I've never done it, but it looks cool! I'm sorry that you are having to deal with so much distance between you and your husband. I know that must be hard. Music is a wonderful thing that can connect people from any distance.