Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Word Beauty

Every week, my good friend, Rory Bore of Time Out for Mom, invites us for a Coffee Chat. She then challenges us with a question to discuss. This week she asks, “What is the most beautiful word in the world?”

I thought long and hard on this question.  I love language; I love words. There are so many words that went through my mind and heart. However, the one word that I kept going back to is “grace”.

Looking up this word in various dictionaries convinced me of its worthiness as my choice. I have listed some of the definitive reasons here:

1. favour, goodwill
2. mercy, pardon
to honour
kindness, love, forgiveness, charity, mercifulness, honour, glorify

There are numerous beautiful words, in many different languages. Somehow this one word sums it up for me.

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  1. Everything connected to that word, is beautiful, and a very worthy choice!

  2. A lovely word! Where would we be without grace in our lives?

  3. A beautiful word and one I love so much I gave it to my daughter as her middle name.

  4. guys....this wood bee hard...yur mom choze a good word tho....we wood probablee chooze..

  5. Absolutely - a beautiful and most necessary word. Where would I be without Grace? It scares me to even imagine. Thanks for linking up -- all your thought really paid off in your choice! :)