Tuesday, November 11, 2014


With toxic exhaust of endless chatter,
they babble about what doesn’t matter.
They clutter my mind with their poisoned cloud
of every thought they think out loud.
For their ignorance there must be a solution. 
Their noxious fumes are far more than pollution.

Poem: McGuffy Ann Morris
Image: Source


  1. Well said Annie. I kind of love silence too sometimes.

  2. How I agree with your piece about noxious and hurtful prattle.

  3. This makes me think of people speaking at the top of their lungs in public places on cell phones.... I love the image too!

  4. Annie, That is an incredible poem. It made me think of the people who get on Facebook (at this point only Tom has an account) and report on every single part of their life. TMI all the way. And then, of course, their are the politicians. Hugs, Janet

  5. oh goodness... I can insert a few types into this description! I mean, I can prattle on about nonsense every now and then: there is a time to be silly and fun. but certainly not all the time. and certainly not gossip or anything mean spirited.

  6. You are so right on. i love that poem because it rings true! I've been guilty of it myself.

  7. You've described a couple of people i know -- whatever comes into their heads comes right out of their mouths, and that without ceasing.

  8. A resounding Amen to this one! Nothing drives me crazier than being stuck in a situation where women are rattling on and on about nothing of any value at all. I cannot participate, my only thought is too escape this mind-numbing nonsense! Give me a meaningful conversation with anyone, any day, please! A great poem, Annie! Toxic exhaust is an excellent way to put it!

  9. Ah, I see you've been on Tumblr! ;-)
    I know you mean literal chatter, of course, and I agree.

  10. Talk is cheap. When faced with this sort of unending chatter, I keep the smile on my face, nod appropriately and totally check out and get lost in my own thoughts. Talk is also a form of exercise and stress relief for some people. It reminds me of something I remember my father saying - Keep your mouth shut, people might think you're stupid, but if you open it, they'll know for sure. I'm sure that's a paraphrase of some famous quote. Now I'm chatting too much as I'm typing. :)

  11. and PS. A lot like social media.