Friday, December 5, 2014

Fill In Fun #191

I have been sick with a very thorough cold this week, and feel behind on everything. I am desperately trying to get back on track. Sometimes the best way to do that is to start right where I am and just go forward. I am working on it.

Today is Friday. The "Follow Friday Four Fill-In" is hosted by Hilary at Feeling Beachie. Each week, she posts statement with blanks. Our mission, should we choose to accept, is to copy the statement and fill in the blanks on our blogs. Then link up to her blog for sharing. Hilary is always looking for co-hosts and more statements for us to fill in. Please visit her, and let her know your suggestions!

The statements & My Answers: #191:

1. Sometimes I think that I will never understand human nature, but I feel the need to keep trying.

2. Do you love simplicity as much as I do? I always prefer the natural, simple way, in all things.

3. Black Friday is all about black cats, right? Well, in our house it is! Grizelda could do without it, but Chloe Jo loves anything that is all about her.

4. When Bill is home, it is my favourite thing about long holiday weekends. As a long haul trucker, this is very rare, and if he gets one then you know he won’t get another for a while. I am thankful for anytime he is home.

Stay healthy & happy!

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  1. Wonderful fill ins.

    So glad you are feeling better.

  2. I will do #1 - Sometimes I think, sometimes I don't. I hope the all better finds you soon!

  3. Well I certainly thought it was all about you Chloe Jo, but then again I am a Canadian and this Black Friday thing is new to us. :)
    I think I have come to the conclusion that most human behaviour (at least where we see it go "wrong") can be attributed to a self serving nature. This world is very much in the "ME" - the Selfie so to speak.... and that's where I think we get into trouble. I think when we serve others, that is when we bring out the best in ourselves.

  4. I am glad you are feeling a little better and have enough energy to return to blogging. I know how much you enjoyed that long Thanksgiving weekend with Bill. I wish you could share all of them. Take it easy, give yourself time to get well. xoxo

  5. Excellent answers! Especially the one for the Black Friday must be about black cats. That makes sense.

  6. Mom says, "Just say NO to Black Friday unless it is a black cat named Friday." Annie, sure hope you are feeling better very soon. Sending purrs and healing thoughts. Hope you will join us for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop this week. Ho, ho, ho, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. Loved reading the answers to your prompts. Your cats are very lovely.

  8. We hope you're back to 100% very soon, lots of purrs from the boys.

    P.S. You're so lucky to have the hawks *and* eagles! I've seen eagles in real life only a couple of times and not in our area.

  9. Black Friday = Black Cats! I LOVE it!

  10. number four feels like me who is married to a sailor:)

  11. Black Friday should be about black cats, they are so pretty! And i hope your husband will be home for some time around Christmas.

  12. Hi McGuffy,
    Love the answers.
    Black Friday should be about black cats.
    We walked around the lake and worked with Shaggy, but no shopping.

    Have a Beautiful Day!

    Peace :)

    PS. Love the sweater on the kitty in your other post!

  13. The fact that you keep on trying (to understand human nature) shows that you have hope. And we have to have hope!
    I love your Black Friday. Wayyyy more than the one all over the US.

  14. Hope you're feeling better! Simplicity is a good thing... sometimes I think humans can make things so complicated when they needn't be. TOTALLY about Black Friday being about cats (maybe don't tell that to my dog). :)

  15. Love your answers! Yes, I enjoy the simple way of life.
    Trying to find a balance between blogging, visiting blogs, reading and taking care of the household.
    Seems like I am always behind, or trying to catch up.
    Oh, Black Friday...the only shopping we did was groceries :)