Friday, January 16, 2015

All the Bright Places

By Jennifer Niven

This is an emotionally charged novel about two mismatched young people. Violet is a popular cheerleader; manic Finch is considered the school “freak”. It seems they should have nothing in common, but they do.

Violet is trying desperately to cope with the sudden loss of her sister.  A car accident took the life of her sister, leaving Violet the sole survivor of the crash. She is left with devastating guilt, causing her to rethink life.

Finch leads a manic way of life giving him the label, “The Freak”. He is always changing his persona and his outlook. He is also constantly plagued by thoughts of depression and suicide.
One day the two teens meet through dangerous and unusual circumstances. Together, they set off on a life altering journey. Neither one of them will ever be the same. 

Jennifer Niven has written an extraordinary novel that goes far beyond youthful angst. This brave, heartrending story delves into the deep recesses of the troubled teenaged psyche. Watch for the movie based on this incredible book.


  1. I definitely think that Finch isn't the right person for Violet. It would be interesting to see where this leads. I kind of like happy endings....

    Have a great weekend Annie. I can't believe how fast this week has flown by.

  2. IT is certainly interesting to learn about. Not sure if it is for me as I am the age I am. :-)

  3. That certainly does sound like an interesting read. I'm going to add it to my wish list! :)

  4. Great promo for the book! Very intriguing.

  5. Sounds like a great movie in the making....thanks for the tip.

  6. I loved this book...loved and cried for Finch.

  7. sure sounds like a mismatch just based on that -- but then, you never know what can happen when hearts and minds collide. sounds very interesting.

  8. Sounds like both young people are much more than meets the eye, as indeed are most of them.

  9. You know, showing my age here, that reminds me ever so lightly of The Breakfast Club, but, of course, this is a book and etc. etc. not the same, but that is the first thought that sprung to mind. It sure sounds interesting. Mismatch always is in a way.