Thursday, January 15, 2015

Brooklyn, NY

This January, Bill has made many deliveries to New York.
Many long haul truckers will not deliver to New York, 
due to safety issues, traffic, congestion and road conditions.
This is even more of an issue in the Winter months.

Backing and turning a tractor-trailer (rig) down narrow streets 
alleys to position it in the unloading docks takes a lot of skill.  
The tractor-trailer combination is between 65-67 feet, depending upon 
how the tandems are set. The set-up varies depending upon the load. 

(Please note: The trailer usually shows the company logo, 
which I have removed here. Excuse the blurred look. )

This scene shows the tight quarters for truck maneuvering, 
along with the street art of the Williamsburg/Brooklyn area.

Bill's delivery was located directly next to this park on 
the East River, near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

The Williamsburg Bridge is the suspension bridge
that connects the Lower East Side of Manhattan 
to the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.

A frigid dawn at Grand Ferry Park, Brooklyn, NY.  

An important fence, this one holds very serious signs.
As a dog owner, I find the the first sign important to follow.
However, the second sign is extremely serious for everyone.
This sign warns...

"Wet Weather Discharge Point
This outfall may discharge rainwater mixed with
untreated sewage during or following rainfall
and can contain bacteria that can cause illness."

*This is followed by further instructions on what to do.
Note the No Swimming, No Boating, No Fishing icons.*

~All pictures here are taken by Bill~

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  1. scenes from the city. i'd not want to maneuver a car there much less a semi rig and trailer!

  2. Kudos to your Bill for the pictures and his great driving skills.

  3. I'm with Theresa of TexWisGirl. I wouldn't want to even be in the area. It looks so deserted but I bet they are lurking around the corners.
    Bill is very brave and skilled at his job. He took great photos.


  4. Man oh man, that is some impressive steering Bill!

  5. Enjoyed this post and your sharing. I know it wasn't the point, but the street art is amazing. Hope all is well. Tom and I have been passing some kind of respiratory thing back and forth since before Christmas. Love and hugs, Janet

  6. Your hubby is brave to drive in NYC, I can't even drive a car there.

  7. I hate it when dog owners don't clean up after their dogs.
    Loved that shot of the bridge and I admire your hubby for his ability to manuever one of those rigs.

  8. I am sure it is not an easy job. Nice to know anyway how he works.

  9. Wow amazing pics ..the bridge looks beautiful with the sunrise/set in the background. Hubby is a transport and logistics man and knows the trials truck drivers face..and that was one tight space :) hugs Fozziemum xxx

  10. It's easy to see that Bill takes pride in his ability to do a superb job, and he certainly does that! These pictures attest to that but even without them I can tell from all the things you have shared with us through time. I cannot even remotely imagine what practice and expertise is brought about by the doing of these difficult driving techniques must be! I did wonder how long a trailer is and a tandem...good grief. You know, back when we were living in Europe, tandems were just a European thing. It's been some time now that I have observed that they are here in the US as well. I wonder if the tandems are even longer together than a standard box van? xxoo

  11. He must be very skilled, and i like his pictures!

  12. Nice photographs! Bill has a great eye. :)

    I give Bill SO much credit. We live less than an hour away from NYC, and I won't even drive my car there! :)

  13. chloe N crew...yur dad doez an awesum job...both at drivin & fotoz takin !!! high paws N headbonks two him ♥♥

    de food gurl haza time drivin a sub compact...we could see her tryin ta drive yur dadz rig...HA !!!!!!

    pee ezz...we haza frown on de noe fishin warnin :(

    heerz two a pancake batfish week oh end ♥♥♥

  14. My father-in-law was a truck driver...I was always amazed at the places he had to go to. He was first a long-haul trucker before I ever met him. He had changed to local delivery along about the time I came into the family. If I remember correctly, he usually just had one of the 'pups' for that, but I am not positive.

  15. wonderful images.

    Yes I bet he has gotten into some pretty tight spots. I bet he is a great driver though.

  16. McGuffy,
    I love the photo of the suspension bridge.
    I see the warnings about the raw sewage in the photo you have posted.
    You know, I just saw one on the trail I take to get to the bus, yesterday or day before, but I remember the smell more than the exact verbiage on the signage, which warned about raw sewage. Yikes!
    Hope your computer is back to normal.
    Peace :)

  17. Bill did a great job!!! I love the bridge shots. And I grew up having to deal with a tractor and big manure spreader in a tight squeeze barnyard, so I cannot even imagine the big size of a whole truck trailer. I usually ended up jack-knifing the spreader a few times. I bet Bill is much better! ha

  18. Your Bill did great driving and the images.. The bridge shot is cool! Happy weekend!

  19. Thank your hubby, from us, for being a truck driver.
    I didn't realize some truckers will not go near the area.
    I am sure the people there are thankful for Bill, and others like him.

  20. My mom-person say´s she is not sure she even would try that with a car :)