Saturday, January 3, 2015

Good Wishes

 This was sent to me by a friend and is worth sharing...

Wishing you...
time for relaxation & reflection,

good sleep,

good health with exercise,

someone to dance with,

a bit of adventure,

and good looks.

But, most of all,
I wish you lots of bear hugs.

May you always have love to share,
health to spare, & friends that care.

And remember to watch out 
for those penguins. 

~See you soon!~


  1. LOL!!! Do you want to know how many times I watched that penguin fall????...:)JP

  2. It's adorable and I love the ending!

  3. Sweet polar bear pictures & sentiments. I never knew penguins were so sneaky!

  4. Those were all soooooo cute!

  5. I have always loved these and that penguin one os old. I saved it and still laugh every time I see it. These others are all fresh and new to me. Love them all.

  6. Absolutely fun, and cute! The very same wishes from me to you too!

  7. Those bear pictures are just awesome and says it better than words. I've been laughing at the penguin falling and I can't help but think that the husband Penguin is coming home late and the Mrs hits knocks him down. It's hilarious. I've seen this on a friend's blog way back but I can't help but watch it over and over and laugh.

    Sorry I' haven't been around. I've been sick for the last 4 days and I'm just starting to feel better today.

  8. ROTFLMAO...if only that worked. This is so adorable. Both Tom and I are gagging with laughter. Thanks Annie for making my day. Hope you'll join us later for Sunday Selfies. Hugs and love, Janet

  9. I could sleep like those bears today. It's rainy, then snowing, then freezing rain, then back to snowing outside today. Mother Nature can't make up her mind and we are all feeling rather lazy here.
    those tricky penguins! ha

  10. Don't know what happened to my previous comments, but it just disappeared. Anyway the pictures are the awwww factor. And I'm still laughing over the penguins - they are so cute and funny.

  11. May you have a beautiful year! Thank you for sharing this, it's been a busy couple of days and i needed it.

  12. I love these! Happy New Year to you!