Friday, January 9, 2015

The Resurrection of Tess Blessing

By Lesley Kagen

Tess Blessing is fast approaching the age of fifty when she gets the unexpected bad results of a mammogram. Suddenly she is trying to deal with the reality of breast cancer. Now Tess feels she must resolve several issues before what she is sure is her impending death. So, she makes a “To Do” list.

Not to be confused with a “Bucket List” of wishes, Tess’s list involves many serious issues. She is dealing with a stagnate relationship with her spouse, her daughter’s eating disorder, a teenaged son who needs guidance, a longtime estrangement from her sister, and her own leftover childhood issues. Tess is resolved to handle all of this on her own, in her own way.

However, there are things happening that she does not know or see. Tess is not alone on life’s journey or in her current mission. She has a very unique, perhaps divine, personal “helper”. There is extraordinary magic here.

Lesley Kagen is a very special author. She skillfully blends drama, tragedy, and life events with her trademark heartwarming sense of humour. Ms. Kagen flawlessly makes every situation she tackles both touching and inspiring.

I am sure you will love Lesley Kagen and The Resurrection of Tess Blessing. I also recommend the “sister” novella The Undertaking of Tess. This sweet book tells the story of Tess’s childhood, giving both background and depth to Tess. 

However, please do not stop there. Lesley Kagen has written several fine books. Her ability to bring to life the complexity of sisterhood, relationships, childhood memories, and life events is incomparable. This is an author not to be missed. 


  1. That sounds like it is a good one!

  2. Thanks for the tips on the books. The cover reminds me of Mary Poppins with the umbrella.

  3. Your review is very enticing. Sounds like an interesting book.


  4. this sounds very good! I could definitely get into this story.