Saturday, January 10, 2015


The winter wind roars
through the bare trees,
elusive, intangible,
as the residue of a
nightmare in the expansive
darkness of midnight.
Its voice, a whispered scream
of lies and regrets,
secretive reminders of the
empty void of loneliness.
Its icy breath sends shivers,
as a ghost across a grave.
Winter is a cruel companion,
owning the past while stealing
the hope of the future.

~from my poetry book, "Weeds" ,
this is a repost from February, 2013,
but is a timeless poem about Winter.
Please visit my Poetry Page for more.~


  1. Oh, that was chilling! Seriously, that was darn good.

  2. Yep, that sums up Winter pretty well. You sure have a way with words Annie.
    We're having a little warm up in the winter weather. No complaining there, lol...
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Sends shivers up my spine, just as the cold wind does.

  4. Oh this is almost spooky!! I was just reading it the other day, as I stared out at my frozen garden from our bedroom window!! we had a bit of an ice storm and it was glistening off the frozen dead blooms - making them seem to take new life.

  5. Wow- and that last line is so true. Nice one!

  6. Nice image to go with the verse. I was already cold when I started reading (it's rainy and cool here today) and now I need to find a blanket.

  7. Hi McGuffy Ann. I remember this from when I read "Weeds." It was one of my favorite poems in the book ... it is so evocative, and captures so much if what winter brings.

  8. Yes, I, too, love that last line...a hauntingly beautiful poem.