Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Watching & Waiting

Cooper's Hawk
Watching from the woods down near the bog,
at the dead end of our road. This is one of 
a pair. They live in and hunt around our 
neighborhood, along the channel and lake.

Bald Eagle
Watching the meadow next to the frozen marsh, 
as the snow and temperatures fall, yet again.
Bald Eagles have fought hard to make a comeback 
in our area of North East Illinois. Several nests can now
be been found throughout the chain of lakes region. 

~Both pictures were taken locally, near our home.
I was recently in the right place at the right time,
though unprepared to capture their beauty.
Still, I felt blessed to see them. So, I share.~

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  1. The moment you have captured, with or without the admission of not-being-prepared, is a beautiful one, McGuffy! Well done!!
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  2. Absolutely a great share! A very lucky by chance meeting, so wonderful.

  3. how awesome to see the eagles! i see hawks but have yet to see a bald eagle in the wild.

  4. Hawks are amazing to watch. Cooper's Hawks have such speed and agility while eagles are so powerful and majestic.

  5. very cool. we lived near a raptor rehab place so we got to see a lot of the raptors up was pretty amazing...what majestic that you get to share a bit of space with them...

  6. Nice to see you have seen those great birds in your area. We have bald eagles near our farm as we live next to the river where they can fish without a license and catch field mice after the hay is cut in the field. They are so magestic.

  7. Beautiful !!!
    We used to see both near our Florida home, have not been lucky enough to see them here in Maryland yet though ...

  8. Thank you for sharing! They are lovely to see.

  9. Glad you shared.... Eagles are such awesome birds!

  10. guys....faaaaaaaaaaaaa...we haz werdz for thoze burdz all rite...N non oh em good...... sew we will pree tend we dinna even SEE thiz nite mare durin de day time lite.....N noe yur mom doez knot hafta post thiz commint N we will understand why.... coz prob ablee everee else iz knot a burd dizzer like uz...matter oh fact 18 cents anda sack oh friez says noe one CAN dizz burdz good az uz....just sayin.....♥♥♥

  11. Two beautiful birds, so majestic.

  12. You know how much I adore raptors. Thank you for sharing these, my friend!

  13. I love birds of prey. They are elegant and fearless. xox

  14. Thanks for sharing, you definitely were in the right place at the right time.

  15. amazing!! what great moments to capture! How big is that eagle?? oh my

  16. Gorgeous. I love hawks, even though they come and feed at my bird feeders (and not on the seed!) Part of the circle of life...
    --Purrs (and wags) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  17. Nice captures and lucky to get them

    Have an eagletastic day :-)

  18. Very lucky to capture them. nice to capture something so rare.

  19. Nice job on capturing the birds. It's hard to get them sometimes, as they are prone to taking to flight at the instant you press your shutter. lol This has been wild snowy week and I'm ready for spring to get here. Let's think happy thoughts, shall we? :D

  20. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of those majestic birds, McGuffy Ann. I was once lucky enough to walk right under a tree where a red-tailed hawk was perched. I was amazed by how muscular and solid it was. And those talons ... WOW.

  21. Hi, Ann!

    I love the beauty of birds.
    You were blessed to have gotten these pictures! xoxo