Saturday, February 28, 2015

What is Love?

I am late for Coffee Chat this week. Thank goodness Ms. Rory Bore always has coffee on! This week we are discussing the topic of “Love”.  She has asked us the profound question, “Love. How do YOU know love?”

There are many kinds of love in life. We benefit from all of them. There is the love that we first feel, as an infant for parents and family. As we grow, we love our friends, and also we learn to love our pets. Inevitably, as we mature, we develop feelings of romantic love.

Love comes into our lives in many ways. The love of friends is a constant, sharing the many stages of life with us. Some friends may be a temporary force at a time in our life, while others remain there by our side. This does not make any less effective or more important, though. Love always helps us to grow.     

Some love prepares us for the future. Young love teaches us about mature romantic love, preparing us for the responsibility of commitment. We learn how to accept love, and how to give love in meaningful ways.

I have been blessed to have been married for nearly thirty four years. Upon meeting, we became close platonic friends. There was respect, trust, and love. Romantic love grew slowly from these essential elements, which remain. A solid foundation for commitment in any relationship contains respect, trust, and love.

There are endless thoughts on love from a great many minds and teachings. Those who have taught on this important element of life include prophets, poets, philosophers, theologians, sages, and countless humanitarians.  The Bible tells us that love is the greatest gift of all. I believe this, as in numerous ways love benefits those who give it, as well as those who receive it.

I cannot leave out the unconditional love given to us by pets. I have learned so much from loving and being loved by critters. They truly love without question, without reservation. There are no pretenses or conditions for them. If they love you, it is genuine.

Love has deep value, no matter what form it comes in. Love lifts us up when we are down. It accepts us as we are, validating us. Love gives us security in an insecure world. Love binds us together, making us stronger. Indeed, love is a blessing that makes life worth living for everyone.

It is important to always remember, “Love isn’t love until you give it away.”

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  1. What a wonderful essay. We are richer than kings when we know love.

  2. What a wonderful illustration of love:)

  3. A wonderful post, and that quote from Mother Teresa is perfect.

    We bandy around the word "love" far too much in our casual society now, IMO. (As we do with the word "friend.") I think we've devalued it in many ways.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by. We'll see how it goes with Nicki; I actually think I'll do 500 mcg Flovent in the AM as well as the PM, at least for the short term. I hope it's only the unprecedented February we've had.


    P.S. How are you healing? I've not been keeping up with blogs this winter and I hope you're doing well now. Purrs from the boys.

  4. Beautiful, and admissibly a little more positive than I am able to be about the subject, given my history. I'd have to say that for me love hurts more often than not. Yet when I've tried to rid myself of the emotion completely, I feel even worse. There was a 90's alt rock song which stated "a heart that hurts is a heart that works", so I guess mine does.
    Thanks as always for your kind support of my work.

  5. That was such a nice post and so very true too!

  6. We are so RICH my friend, to know so many kinds of love. To give it, to hold it, to watch it unfold in those we touch around us. Great thoughts today! Your last line is so On Point, and I think that has to be just about the greatest quote by Mother Teresa! :)
    So glad you could make it for coffee! xx

  7. I love reading your essay on love and read it to my husband. I love Mother Theresa's quote on love.

    PS. I finally discovered why the side bar vibrate on your blog post. I have my computer set to make the font slightly bigger, so I can read and when I reduce the size, your side bar stops vibrating but I have difficulty reading the small fonts. I had another blog post on which I zoom ed in to see a photo better and when I did it made the side bar vibrate too. not that it matters but at least I have solved the mystery.


  8. That last is a most important statement. You can feel loving toward someone or some pet, but if you don't show it, the person or pet won't know.

  9. love takes energy and effort....whether it is for a spouse or a friend...especially when you last 34 years...that is awesome...i appreciate love that has such lasting power....friends --- you have to invest yourself, check in, call things...effort is essential...

  10. Ann, this is beautifully written! Thank you!

    Would you believe I am beginning to go through my G+ emails starting in Feb?
    Glad Gmail has so much space. xoxo