Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Confessional

The coffee is on over at Rory Bore’s place, Time Out for Mom. The “Coffee Chat” topic this week is: “Random Confession. It is good for the soul.” I have thought long and hard on this. Confession is not new to me, however. I consider myself a pretty good, traditional Catholic, even if I was raised Baptist.

I am a work in progress. I make mistakes. There are things that I say and do that I shouldn’t. As a rule, I try to go back and apologize for these things. I don’t like for things to be unsettled or unresolved. I don’t want someone to feel badly, especially because of me. 

There are things that I should say and do, too. I try not to let moments pass that I could say something important to someone. With that in mind, I do voice appreciation and thanks where it is warranted. I compliment people, even strangers, when I feel it is appropriate.

My innermost, personal struggles are kept between myself and God. I know my faults and admit them. God understands, and we discuss them daily. During this Lenten season, we are working on things that I need to do and not do. I believe we are all works in progress. The important thing is to keep working on it.

There are some other things that you may not know about me. Perhaps this is a good time to confess some of these things.

*I confess that I am conservative in both my faith and politics. By the very definition of the word, I am cautious and traditional. There is security in that.

*I confess that I can have an offbeat, sometimes sarcastic, sense of humour. This includes the early days of Saturday Night Live, Mad-TV, and the cartoon Far Side. I like humour that is intelligent and witty, but a bit off kilter. I do not like mean “humour” though.

*I confess that I don’t review every book that I read. I read constantly, but review only a fraction of what I read. Reviewing everything I read would be too time consuming, and I like to share other things in life, too. Balance is important.

*I confess that I sometimes eat things I shouldn’t, like strawberries. But…I love them.

*I confess that I do like to watch TV. I don’t watch much of what is considered “popular”, though. I have an intense curiosity about life and I like to be educated, as well as entertained.

*I confess that I like to indulge my inner child sometimes. I love Peanuts & Snoopy, the Muppets, and Dr. Seuss, to name just a few very favourites. I am sentimental about Lamb Chop and Raggedy Ann, too. 

Okay, they say confession is good for the soul, so I’m good. Now it’s your turn!

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  1. Well, i am with you on the sentimental things and on the off beat sense of humor, too. My kids have been taught to enjoy Weird Al and sing some rather crazy Christmas carols. (#1 Son was once singing "O Little Town of Destrehan" in church because i hadn't explained to him the difference between it and the more traditional words of that carol! It has since been rectified.)

  2. The older I get, the more I let my inner child come out to play. I have been known to sit through a marathon of Disney movies and I have so many favorites I could not even begin to name them all. I think I enjoy them so much because they make me happy, and I have decided that happy is my favorite emotion and I want more of it in my life! I think it is sad that kids today will never know the joy of Saturday morning cartoons- remember that? Gosh I feel old as dirt some days.

    My faith keeps me grounded, and I do talk about that occasionally..but I steer away from talking politics.

    I enjoy your book reviews because I am always looking for a new book to read.

    Have a great day, and stay warm!

  3. You read even more than your reviews? That's really great, and I don't make enough time to read, just like to write instead. I'm also conservative, and I don't talk much politics, except to say that I don't want the government to tell me what to do in the basic things in life.

  4. i like the offbeat humor, too.

  5. OK, I confess that I don't read much anymore. My excuse is that I have too many interests and being in the Autumn of my years, I want to do them all so that leave little time to sit and turn pages. I confess that I don't own a kindle either.

    I confess that I spend too much time reading and commenting on blogs, but no apologies...
    I like that you made yourself vulnerable by your confession but I still like you a lot.

  6. ha.

    i am liberal, dont hate me. smiles.

    i do like offbeat humour though...but i am not a huge fan of senseless, there is something wrong with strawberries?

    i am an inner child.


  7. That was good! I induldge my inner-kitten too!

  8. Love this nice, candid post, McGuffy.

    The person that is the hardest to forgive is oneself.

    It is good to have the opportunity to confess to someone else - preacher, guru, mentor, psychologist, psychiatrist, friend, parents, etc.
    Confession creates good Karma in my opinion and one loses a few pounds from the ever-increasing-in-weight backpack, many of us carry.

    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  9. Annie....Gary Larson's Far Side is one of my favorites as is reading books such as Nancy Drew; all these years later, because I can, because I want to, because I enjoyed then then as well as now. I watch It's the Great Pumpkin every year and Charlie Brown's Christmas and Little Drummer Boy on DVD. I dont watch TV, period, have many regrets about how I've treated people in my past, particularily during my childhood; was I honest back then or just plain... mean, and I follow the beat of my own drum as my grandmother would say. I could care less what others think or say about me; including friends and family members because over the years I've learned... until Jesus Christ is standing in front of me, shows me HIS I.D., turns the floor into fishes and loaves, everything else is a moot point anyway. While HATE is a vicious word and consumes us if we let it..... I HATE, loathe, despise... anyone... who abuses children, seniors and I must get back to work, or sneaking around the rest of blogland ♥♥♥

  10. That was great. I did that yesterday when I wrote about being afraid of a very minor surgery tomorrow. I'm such a big chicken. I think you showed courage in talking about these things as most times we are too hard on our selves. Good job friend.

  11. I like wicked witty humor, nothing mean like you mentioned. I am sentimental too... about the Velveteen Rabbit, Lamb Chop, the Muppets, Pooh and Company, my own stuffie Suds Bunny and I am 63 years old and have a blankie that doubles as a "dress" when I wrap it around my waist to keep warm. I have a very soft heart when it comes to kittens and cats. I am very emotional and cry easily... sometimes :) I don't talk politics on my blog or FB, actually I only talk politics with CH. I like this post, it is always nice to learn more about one another!

  12. Oh I miss the Far Side!!! that was such a good comic. And yes, I like humour that is a bit off kilter -- but never mean spirited or cruel. I don't know if I am completely conservative and traditional --- certainly in some aspects since I am a stay at home mom -- but in other things I can be very liberal. It's confusing to myself often, and I can only assume it must be to others also. Maybe it's that balance thing you mentioned.
    Great post today my friend! thanks for coming over for a cuppa. HUGS!

  13. Very nice, honest post. I confess that I haven't beeen to confession in about 3 years. I have not been to church ( other than for weddings and funerals) in over a year. I really need to stop being lazy and go.

  14. This was fun. I love the Far Side. My favorite one was a deer that had a target on it's side. The caption read, "Bummer of a birthmark, Hal.!"

  15. Lol...why shouldn't you eat strawberries?

  16. That was wonderful, McGuffy Ann. I, too, confess to having an off-kilter sense of humor (like you, never with a mean spirit). As for indulging my inner child -- I happen to love Winnie the Pooh and Hello Kitty after all these years. :)

  17. Aren't you glad you got that off your chest now? I confess that I like watching cartoons too...the ones that were popular when I was a kid. And I eat too much sugar. I gotta stop that.

    Island Cat Mom

  18. Hate to say it but I am more and more convinced that we must have some family entertained somewhere! Although I am a Baptist. :-) We like most things the same. And strawberries are the best things aside from cherries and blueberries for ya. Eat up.

  19. Confession is good for the soul, but your fessing has been a fun way to get to know you better. You & I are a lot alike, I must confess. ;)