Sunday, March 15, 2015

Right on Time

The Earth is waking up, again. Migration has begun. Birds I have not seen in awhile are back at the feeders. I am hearing bird calls that I haven't heard for months. Sparrows have moved back into the bird house to begin nesting. Squirrels, chipmunks, and other critters are all on the move, too. I saw an opossum climbing over a snow bank as the snow was melting. It's all very exciting to me.

I know that "meteorological spring" started on March 1st. Yet, the calendar says Spring begins March 20th. We all know that humans are all too often wrong. Personally, I let Nature tell me important things like the weather and seasons. Mother Nature always gets it right.


  1. Loved Simon the cat cartoon , haha... I had a flock of starlings arriving at the feeders today in the middle of the blizzard. They took turn at chasing each other to get a peck at the suet cage. They also ate at all the feeders, they looked hungry.

    I doesn't look like Spring is near today. High winds and blowing snow with a lots of accumulation.

    Stay warm.Hugs,

  2. I love Simon's Cat- that was a cute one :)

  3. Simon's Cat always makes us laugh. Thank you for sharing!

    We are starting to see a few signs of spring here, too. Hooray!

  4. So funny! Spring is popping out all over.

  5. Cute video. Kitty would also be surprised if that were a bat house instead of a bird house!

  6. Yesterday while dropping goodies off I saw Robins!!!...:)JP

  7. We had two crocus blooming earlier in the week and now there are five! We are so happy that our snow is gone; though, the weather guessers say we are having a wintery mix tomorrow. Always love Simon's Cat. He cracks me up. Hugs, Janet

  8. You! It was you!
    Who introduced me to Simon's Cat. And now I am an addict - LOL. I love those little videos. They never fail to brighten a 'down' moment.
    And you are right about nature showing the way. With more snow here, no spring yet.