Thursday, March 12, 2015

Would You Rather?

Thanks for your understanding when I am missing in action. I have been busy with my home and husband for the past few days. He is gone for weeks at a time, so when he is home he gets my full attention. We all agree, Family First. Thank you.

Today I am joining Rory Bore for her weekly Coffee Chat. This week, Ms. Rory Bore has asked us the question, “Would you rather?” We are to ask any question, such as: “Would you rather sleep in a five star hotel or sleep under the stars?” Then we are to answer our question, and invite others to join in by answering in the comments section. Several things came to my mind.

We are often told that the steps we, as a society, take in technology are designed to make life easier.  It can change lives. It can even save lives. Technology can get us where we need to go safely. It can help even predict storms and other natural disasters, making life safer. However, it seems that the fast pace of technology often creates more stress.

The merchandise scanning that stores use was initially supposed to assist in speedy check outs. Somehow, we lost the baggers in that deal, and sometimes even the cashier! We now have the alleged option of self-checkouts. Lines are still long and customer service is worse than ever.  Unfortunately, scanning doesn’t always work, either. So, is any of this really easier for us?

Business has benefited from the abilities the computer has to offer. Scanning and sending documents has sped up the processing of a great variety of forms, resumes, and paperwork. Many of us have also cut down on personal paperwork through the wonders of this technology.

The technology of computers is beyond what most of us will ever understand. Devices, programs, and updates are endless. With every new idea, new process, new download, there are new computer viruses, security breaches, and constant identity/personal threats.

Social media is a blessing and a curse, too. We used to write letters, send cards, or call our friends on the phone. Now we keep in touch through email, but also countless other social outlets. There is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, foursquare, blogging, to name a very few.  It seems there is no end to it. I really enjoy blogging, and sometimes Facebook. But, personally, I cannot keep up with all of the different medias. It is just too much, and too stressful.

This day and age in time seems to be limitless. There seems no end to the possibilities…or the stress. The fast pace of technology has increased the need for both immediate gratification and for constant entertainment. People rarely are without at least a "smart phone" of some sort. 

Don't misunderstand, I am thankful for these cell phones. Email and texting with my husband is a blessing when he is on the road. I cannot help but wish for a more simple time, however, when he is home. The fast paced, demanding world of both need and greed keeps him on the road. It pays the bills, but there is an unseen cost that carries a high price. Again, another trade-off.

I think we have traded much of what made us human. This concerns me, as it happened so quickly and only increases in intensity with passing time. While technology has enhanced some human interaction, I think it may have cheapened it, too. The simple, basic human touch is almost gone. I fear we have lost much of our innate sensitivity to the computer screen. The emotion behind the screen is intangible. For me, there is no substitute for a kiss, a hug, or even a handwritten card. 

There are many pros and cons of technology today. I am thankful for them, but feel ruled by them to an extent. Sometimes I wish it were simpler. With these things in mind, I ask: “Would you rather live in today’s age of technology, or in a “simpler” time in history?” 

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  1. Family definitely takes priority. That is understandable.

    As for technology, it sure makes many things much easier. Plus, safer - like having cellphones on you in case you have car trouble or whatever. OTOH, we also don't have much person to person contact anymore and that's pretty sad. I guess it's a trade off.

    1. I agree, many things are easier with modern technology. Cell phones are great when there is a problem and you are in a car. I am so grateful for that! Bill uses his constantly as a trucker, too. But, safety is so jeopardized by cell phones, too. Exactly; a trade-off.

  2. Simpler without a doubt. as much as technology has some benefits it is also dehumanising people..i think of all the steps humans had to take to learn to actually verbalise real words and then put pen to paper..and now it is like we are etc has become the new is a trade off and one that worries i garden..i grow veggies..i write..i get out in nature :)

  3. Maybe we have become too dependant on new technologies but they are here and we get lost when the power goes out, or we loose our server or the lines are down in a storm.

    I almost panic when I forget my cell phone home when I head to town or I'm on the road just in case I get stranded with a mechanical failure... I never had a cell phones years ago and was on the road without a care.

    The younger generation are totally lost without the use of technology. Their life line is missing but there is a lot of really good use of new technology. It's in every facet of our lives now, and there will always be some people who abuse it for evil.

    Happy Friday the 13th.

  4. annie...if I could take all the animals I've owned since then, I'd go back to say.. age ten.. or the 60's... since that was my decade of being young and naive, where my only concern was passing from 6th grade to 7th for example....I think back about what I "had" then, and yes there are numerous things I miss...I look around "now" and can honestly say, pets and some family members aside; there's not a damn thing I'd miss if it was taken away....we learn to live with what we.. "have"... irregardless if it was given, or taken away

  5. WooHoo! Your sweet Bill is home (you'll have a great weekend ahead) and if you go unwired while he's about I totally understand. It's been a long hard winter too, we all are so ready for spring.

  6. Enjoy the time with your wonderful husband!

    It's a hard choice, as i wouldn't want to give up any of the in real life friendships i've made due to the technology. For now, i'll just continue to pick and choose what i will spend my time on, and will continue to write letters and put stamps on them. People like it, and so do i.

  7. So glad that you had some wonderful time with your Bill!!! :)

    You know, as much as I love the technology and how it can help us keep in touch and connected in some ways; as well as, the many ways it can improve our lives when used correctly and responsibly: I do often find myself wishing for a simpler time.
    Whenever I head out into the woods, I feel connected to the world in a completely different way. I don't feel the need to "tweet" this experience, it's enough to be in it. When we go camping it is a complete break from all things technology because there is no wifi in the deep Canadian woods. And after a couple of days of big sky and fresh air: I forget it even existed at all. My mind is happy for the break.
    So, I think if it all came crashing down one day, while there would be an adjustment period for sure; at the end of it I am willing to be most of the world will take a collective sigh of relief. Just imagine what it would be like for us to depend on one another as real caring and compassionate human beings!?

    then again, I wouldn't be able to talk to you, and that would make me rather sad. :)

  8. It's so good to see you have your priorities correct.

  9. We have established a ipads in bed! When we go upstairs it's books only!

  10. I agree. There is a type of communication that is completely lost on this generation that was brought up on computers and cell phones. I see it in my students and how they have changed over the last 20-something years.

  11. Oh. Depends on what it is? I love my laptop. I love my cell phone. I use them for many, many things including education, social aspects and directions. But there are times that I wish people would just put them away and talk!

  12. More of my life has been lived without computers and cell phones, and I think I had less frustration and stress in my life then. Though I have made so many wonderful friends blogging, and am finally doing something I am passionate about, I would turn the clock back in a heartbeat. Hugs and love to you, Janet

  13. In a technological way, I wish we would regress fifty years. I would write a book about what we could have again. Yes, there would be deficits medically. That's about it. Just my two cents.

  14. PS I love MY cell and computer too. But I would go back to pen and paper and stamps and regular dial phones IF.....