Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sharing my "Spring"

Ms. Rory Bore, our Coffee Chat hostess, is Canadian. She has let us know that she is: "So done with Winter!" This week she pleads with us to: "Show your Spring!" So, Rory, as promised I am sending you some of mine.

This is early Spring in Northeast Illinois.
 Suddenly, all of the trees have leaf buds.

The peach tree has buds, so we are hoping for blossoms soon.

The tulips are growing quickly, now.

The hollyhocks suddenly popped up, too. 

These crocuses were planted in the grass by a creative squirrel.

Wild Daylily are native to Illinois. They will be orange, and 
are usually called "tiger lily" here, though they really aren't.

An extremely important plant (*wink*): organic catnip. 
I sun dry it and jar it for the long winter months.
Maggie, Grizelda & Chloe Jo get it fresh in Summer, 
and then dried in the Winter months. They love it,
but it is very good for them, as well.

Even though it is still a bit cool, wet, and grey, 
we have sparrows nesting in the wild locust tree.

Our sparrow colony is quite large and friendly.

The first pair back each spring become the king and queen.
They get the "castle", which is the closest to the feeders. 

Of course, Spring also brings warm, healing sunshine!
Maggie and Chloe Jo certainly appreciate the Spring sun.
They appreciate your purrs and prayers, too. Thanks!

~Happy Spring!~

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  1. Spring is slowly coming here to yet not quite as fast....hope yours is a good one!...:)JP

  2. Signs of spring are here, too. I noticed my neighbors tulips the other day while helping DH change the oil. The weather is going to be lovely this weekend, so I want to get out to do a little photo shoot with my macro lens DH got me last summer. I hope to put it to good use! ;)

    1. I am looking forward to your pictures of Spring in Tennessee.

  3. Good morning Annie, I love your signs of Spring. It gives me hope.
    The sun is shining this morning so I hope the snow will go down a bit today.

  4. What lovely signs of spring :) we have of course entered Autumn and the days are a bit cooler and the nights a lot cooler..still no Hollyhocks that grew from seedlings and came up in winter grew to 12 feet tall in summer and I pruned them back several weeks ago and again they are blooming..i love them so bright :) I wonder if they will survive another winter :) I love the swallows ..for some reason ours are nesting again ?? odd weather maybe :) great shots ..hugs Fozziemum xx

  5. Everything is coming along nicely in your neck of the woods. I've seen some crocuses up and in bloom now, but only in very sunny and sheltered spots. It's still quite chilly with messy winter mix of freezing rain on the way. Mom, who is in Halifax, said yesterday they got ANOTHER 6 inches of snow! OMC, enough is enough.

  6. My favorite part about traveling from south to north in the spring is getting to enjoy the spring blooms over and over as we go from one zone to makes for an extended springtime.

  7. I'm in love with your Spring!!
    And I have decided after seeing yours and others Crocus, next year I will take the chance and plant some. it's just too pretty a thing for when the ground is still all brown and muddy and waiting for green.
    I have tiger lilies too! they won't come up for me until a bit later in June - if it is warm enough, but I love that orange colour. it's a nice POP in the garden.

    And we will have to see if the same bird returns and builds her nest where I put my Seasonal window wreaths. so far she has built one in every single wreath I have placed on that window: hence the new wreath this year. (the old one had quite a few droppings on it's pretty fixins!)
    Thanks for sharing your lovely Spring!

  8. hooray for 'bloomping' as my sister would call it!

  9. The kitties look all relaxed and sleepy. We have Spring practically flying out of the ground with our perennials, and the trees are almost leaved out, pushing the blossoms out of the way.

  10. I love your last photo best of all! Now for your spring! Oh my goodness, you are so lucky, I wish we had what you're experiencing. Sadly winter keeps messing up my growths around here. One day it's a beautiful spring day but then we get days of winter's return! Our rain of day will be freezing rain tonight they promise. Yikes! That's almost, (snow) no!

  11. We had a tulip pop this morning! Chloe and Maggie... blissful. I would like to curl up with them!

  12. We so love blooming season...and hatching season too!

  13. guys...we were reeeeeeeeeeeeel lee lovin thiz post......til......

    yea...we gotta werd ore two for thoz burdz N non oh it bee good !!! ♥♥♥

  14. you have a lot more spring signs than we do. we've had lots of cloudy days that threaten rain, but only a 5 minute shower with lightning last night.
    I have a couple of hollyhock leaves, but my gardens are not as clean as yours ;)
    Faythe @ GrammyMouseTails
    thanks for stopping over!

  15. Life popping out all over! Thank you for sharing that.

  16. What beautiful pictures!!! Spring is just mud in my neck of the woods!

  17. Lovely lovely photos...I love the leaves on the tulips!

  18. Spring is VERY much here and I wish your babies and you were here with us to enjoy it as well.

  19. We're still waiting for spring to spring here!

  20. Great photos! That is a good idea to dry the catnip in a jar.

  21. Such beautiful photos. Spring has really arrived in Southwest VA as well. In the last few days, tulips have started appearing almost out of nowhere. Purrs and prayers continue for you, Chloe Jo and Maggie. They look so gorgeous enjoying the sun. Love and hugs, Janet

  22. Neat signs of spring. I like the variegated leaves of your tulips. Of course "Cat Nip" is essential in spring. I've notice it sprouting up around here lately so I'll be bringing some in for our cats. Maggie and Chloe Jo are so cute.

  23. Awww, look at your kitties, all cuddled up, enjoying some warm sun - soooo relaxing. I love your signs of spring, the crocuses especially. That catnip looks like mint.