Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Love

Diaper pins and teething rings,
and other little baby things,
fevers, earaches, late-night feeding,
toddler tantrums, and bedtime reading.
School days, homework, and scheduled classes,
friends, parties, and field trip passes.
Learning to drive, friends, and the phone,
growing up and out on their own.
The days fly by year into year,
but all is worth it, each one dear.
If history really did repeat,
Moms would do it again, 
in a heartbeat.

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Quote Prompt:
"If evolution really works, how come 
mothers only have two hands?"
                                          ~Milton Berle


  1. Oh, I remember all that... and worries when kids and babies were sick...
    Have a great day and I hope your babies are all doing well.

  2. Your poem does tell the story of a mother. Mothers are a wonder of gifts and talents not the least of which is loving their children through all the ups and downs of growing up...and beyond. I sometimes wonder if my mother would do it again if she knew the daughter she would have. Thank you for sharing your poem at In Other Words.

  3. Happy Mother's Day! Very nice poem.

  4. Yes, it's worth it, and there are times when i've wondered about not having more hands, too. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Beautifully stated. Thanks, Annie, for the sweet Mother's Day card. You are so thoughtful. Hope the fur kids gave you lots of extra love today. Love and hugs, Janet

  6. still seems like not that long ago at all... and yet, has flown by so fast too!
    and if I were younger, I'd definitely do it a few more times!! I'd have a whole hockey team if I could. LOL

  7. ....and mamahood continues!! Such a beautiful and crisp poem, Annie!! Motherhood, after all, really is the greatest joy and privilege. :)