Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Nurses

A Year of Secrets, Drama, and Miracles with the Heroes of the Hospital

By Alexandra Robbins

This book follows four nurses through one year of hospital nursing. Four very different women share their stories in their own voices, from their own perspective. They bravely reveal what it means to be a nurse today.

The nurses in this narrative shares both personal and professional issues. Sam is a first-year nurse who must fight for her place in a tight, sorority atmosphere of nurses. Lara is trying to save her nursing career as she battles prescription addiction. Molly takes a fearless stand against the hospital policies put upon nurses. Juliette is a nurse who will do whatever it takes to be a solid advocate for her patients. 

These real women do their best to navigate the world of medicine as they try to make a difference. The raw portraits are sometimes difficult to read but are honest and brave. However, their stories are both interesting and thought provoking.  


  1. I should pick this up for my daughter-in-laws, both are nurses! It sounds like a great summer read! Of course, I'd have to read it first then hand it down!

  2. This books should be a very interesting and eye opener for anyone. I've always wondered how they can cope working shift work and putting up with some difficult patients and working under personal stress. I do admire nurses and the work they do.

  3. Nursing is a noble profession where the nurses work unconditionally with so much love and dedication. Let me see if I can lay my hands on this book here :) Thanks for the interesting and crisp review!

  4. Oh, I know someone who would like that one!

  5. This sounds like a really interesting book. We'll be sure to check it out. Nursing is such a noble and admirable profession; how fascinating to get these insiders' accounts.

  6. Every nurse i've known can tell some amazing, and raw, stories. This sounds good.